Proposal to build stadium on three crop lands, farmers angry

Farmers and local residents are angry with the proposal to build a mini stadium on three crop lands even though there is special land in Haimchar upazila of Chandpur. The farmers have already submitted memorandums to the district and upazila administrations to protect the cropland.

On the surface, it was seen that many farmers are working in the proposed crop field in North Algi village of Algi Durgapur North Union of Upazila. Being within the irrigation scheme, multiple crops are easily produced in these lands.

It has been found that in 2022, a proposal was made to construct Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium on the special land of Water Development Board in Lamchari village of Haimchar Upazila. The proposal was rejected as the matter was not informed to the Water Development Board at that time. Then a proposal was sent for a stadium showing about 3.1900 acres of fallow land in North Algi Mauza under Algi Durgapur North Union. But these three crop fields are the biggest fields in the upazila. Farmers were outraged when their land was filled with sand after the construction of a bridge over a canal to build a stadium.

Proposal to build stadium on three crop lands, farmers angry

Tajul Islam, a farmer of North Algi village, said that if the stadium is here, we will lose. Because 3 crops are produced in these lands. We have to survive by producing crops. We want the government to make a mini stadium. But not on cultivated land, but where there is abandoned land.

Farmer Maqsud Mia said, many people in this field of ours harvest their own land along with the lease of other people’s land. How to eat here at the stadium. We don’t want a stadium at this location.

Shaheed Ghazi has several acres of land in that field. He said, the roadside land of this field is being sold for 5 lakh per cent. If there is a mini stadium here, we will not get the right price and crop production will stop. We don’t need a stadium.

Al Rabbi, the young man of that village, said that the lands of this field are 3 crops. Haimchar has many lands where one crop is grown. Stadiums should be built there or where there is a lot of unused land. We are not against the stadium. For development. Because this will increase the sport.

Proposal to build stadium on three crop lands, farmers angry

Mohammad Al-Amin, a local resident, said, “On behalf of all marginal farmers in the area, I applied to the Deputy Commissioner on May 23. We demand that the proposed Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium not be built on the cropland there. Because if this happens in three crop fields, the farmers will become landless. We then give an opinion to the District Commissioner to build a stadium in Charbhanga Mauza of the Upazila.

Local Union Parishad Chairman Atiqur Rahman Patwari said that instead of where the farmers are objecting, our union has water development board land in Lamchari. Can be done there too, if no one objects.

Haimchar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Nirupam Majumdar said, the farmers of the upazila where the mini stadium has been proposed have given us a memorandum. In view of that, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer has made a committee with 3 members. After the report of the committee, the next decision will be taken after discussion with the higher authorities.

However, Haimchar Upazila Parishad Chairman Nur Hossain Patwari gave a different opinion on this matter. He said, where we have proposed to build the stadium, no farmer will be harmed. Instead, the area will be developed. Also, even if a few people are harmed, two and a half lakh people of the upazila will benefit if they do good work.