Seeing the advancement of technology, I once thought that inequality would disappear from the world day by day. Because then all kinds of information will be easily available to people. People can easily judge good and bad and make decisions. But just looking at the world today shows how wrong I was. Discrimination wars are still going on around the world. Innocent people are being killed there in the name of caste and religion.

The saddest thing is that even children are not spared from this. This indiscriminate killing of people has a name – Genocide. In fact, it is not possible to convey the horror of the matter with a single word. And now the media is free enough, but is it really free? However, the news that comes in front of us through the gaps in the media is shocking.

The history of oppression of the people of Palestine is very old. That history is more or less known to everyone. But let’s take a look at a victim or eyewitness account. A translation of a book titled ‘They Called Me Lioness’ ‘Ora Amay Singha Balto’ was being published in the online version of a newspaper after the massacre.


From there I learned that Ahed Tamimi is a Palestinian freedom fighter. His father was a member of the Palestine Liberation Movement. At the age of 16, he was taken away by the army as punishment for protesting the Israeli occupation. However, the world has known Tamimi for a long time. During the arrest of the brother, when he raised his index finger and got into an argument with the Israeli military, that picture was circulated in the international media. He was eleven then.

Three years later, when the Israeli army went to take his brother from his home again for the crime of throwing stones, he was seen involved in a scuffle with an army officer. The girl who had seen her loved ones being tortured did not hesitate to slap the armed army commander. After sitting in the interrogation cell for a long time with the urge to burst his bladder, but unable to go to the bathroom for fear of the cameras on the shelf, he decides to tell the world.

This writing is a document of Tamimi’s patriotism and the extreme injustice done to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians like Tamimi. Dena Takruri Signature of Tamimi in this text. Dena is the child of a Palestinian refugee. Raised in the United States. He returned to his parents’ house again and again.


I grew up in Nabi Saleh, a small village in the West Bank. Nabi Saleh is a 25-minute drive from the vibrant and vibrant city of Ramallah, the cultural and economic heart of Palestine. Nabi Saleh, however, is the exact opposite of Ramallah, very sleazy and ordinary. Our village has one school, one mosque, one market, one gas station.

But the most important thing is that there are many of us. Six hundred residents of this village are related to each other by blood or marriage, all part of the larger joint Tamimi family. My schoolmates were actually my cousins. It is a close-knit group where looking out for each other is a daily routine. This has been going on for centuries.

Once you see Nabi Saleh, you will think that the shadow is a nest of deep peace. A picturesque, blissful village, sheltered by numerous olive groves dotting the mountain range, frequented by wild horses and donkeys – this is also the address of the village. Here you can see the red purple golden magic of unbridled sunset. Here the little ones play freely, they keep running from house to house, the elders shove homemade food into the mouths of these little ones.


But the initial picture will never tell you the whole story. To know the whole story, you have to look at that main road of our village, keep your eyes on the hills on the other side of the valley.

On the other side are the walled settlements of Israeli Jewish Halamish—red-tiled buildings, gleaming balconies, playgrounds, swimming pools. The Halamish haven’t been here forever. By 1977 they illegally occupied our village land. It is one of the hundreds of settlements built by the Israelis in Palestine in defiance of international law. These settlements are mainly inhabited by Israeli Jews.

They gradually outnumbered the local Palestinians at a compound rate. Year after year, we see, with the support of the state of Israel, the Halamish are increasing the perimeter of their shelter by taking away our land and wealth. This Prophet Saleh is actually a miniature version of Palestine. For the past century, Palestinians have been fighting against Zionist attempts to take their land.

By 1947, the British decided – enough had happened, no more. They shirk responsibility and put the burden of the Palestinian problem on the hands of the United Nations. By 1947, the British decided – enough had happened, no more. They shirk responsibility and hand over the burden of the Palestine problem to the United Nations. As a result of this partition, the Jews got 55 percent of the historical land of Palestine and 42 percent remained in the hands of the Arab state of Palestine.


Although until then 67 percent of the population of this country was Palestinian. They owned most of the local land. And 37 percent of the population and 7 percent of the land were in the hands of Jews. As a result, the people of Palestine did not want to accept this plan at all. On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel was announced. Many Palestinians were brutally evicted that day to occupy this state.

Palestinians still painfully remember this event as ‘Al Naqaba’ or ‘The Catastrophe’. Israel forced 750,000 Palestinians from their homes to create their own state, eradicating more than 400 Palestinian villages.
After learning the name of this book, I ordered it online so that our fourteen-year-old daughter could get some idea about the history of this horrible genocide.

After getting the book, I gave him some ideas. I also told my nine-year-old son. I said we will protest from our place as we always protest. Earlier we protested against rape. I protested even after the murder of Delwar Bhai, Executive Engineer of Gazipur Zilla Parishad.

This is how we protest against any injustice in the world. Also, if there is a mass meeting, I also attend it. We try to give children an idea about the world, about reality from a young age. I tried the same this time.


I personally believe we all belong to the same world irrespective of caste and religion. So hurting someone means actually hurting yourself. To kill someone unjustly is to kill oneself. So I printed a placard from the office and brought it which says – We are sharing the same world since the same wound.

Along with some more placards saying Stop Genocide. After that, I and my son stood with them and the girl showed us the picture. I immediately posted that picture on Instagram to encourage others.

One thing has made me very optimistic since the beginning of this massacre in Palestine. I tell the students that the conscience of a country is above all the conscience of the world. Considering the history of our country, we see their presence in every movement and struggle. The courage to stand up and protest before the weapon of an assassin seems to be found in no other class of men.

They take weapons in their hands but in their chests there is courage as high as the Himalayas. They are always ready to give their lives if needed. In exchange for their lives, ordinary people wake up, mass explosion begins. American students have woken up to the Palestinian genocide. They are protesting in different universities taking risks.

Starting from the university authorities, the government is not able to stop them even with various unfair measures. Their conscience has awakened. After that, the wave of awakening spread all over the world. Students of various universities in Australia are also continuing the movement. Tom Odell’s love song, ‘Another Love’, transcends the complexities of politics and becomes an anthem of vocal existence against injustice.

‘And if someone hurts you, I want to fight
But my hands have been broken repeatedly
So I will raise my voice, show courage’

Two world famous sisters in the world of models are Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadi. From the beginning, the two have been strongly critical of Israeli attacks on Palestine. Moreover, he donated one million dollars to four such international organizations doing humanitarian work in Palestine. In addition, wearing a keffiyeh scarf, a symbol of Palestinian independence, Hadid expressed her strong position in favor of Palestine.

Oscar-winning Australian Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett told the world on the Cannes red carpet that she too is pro-Palestinian. The artificial intelligence (AI) image ‘All Eyes on Rafa’ has gone viral on social media. The picture shows a scene of a refugee camp for displaced Palestinians made up of numerous tents. According to the previous announcement, three European countries—Ireland, Norway and Spain—have recognized Palestine as an independent state.

I dream of a future world without discrimination. Where everyone will live as a close family. Another country will be a member of that family. When family members are in danger, everyone will stand by everyone. No one will try to be good with everyone instead of trying to be good alone. Because if another person is bad, today or tomorrow, that wind will come and affect the other person.

The control of the world will be in the hands of students of the conscience of the world. They will send old, jaded politicians into retirement. They will be told to relax. They will not be allowed to suffer any more to destroy the peace of the world. Students will appoint young children as advisors. If for some reason they deviate from their goal or if there is a slight deviation, these children will guide them on the right path.

I would like to end the writing with some lines from Sukanta Bhattacharya’s poem ‘Chard Patra’ –

‘The new child has come, he must give way;
Failed, dead and ruined in a worn-out world.
We have to leave.
I will leave – but today as long as there is life in the body
The world’s waste with life,
I will make this world habitable for this child-
This is my firm commitment to the newborn.’