Protests by blocking the road due to non-renovation

In Narayanganj’s Sonargaon upazila, the local residents protested by blocking the road as the contractor dug the road and did not repair it for a long time.

On Friday (July 5) afternoon, residents of 5 local villages gathered together and held a protest march in Nayapur area of ​​Dhaka Bypass (Madanpur-Joidebpur) road for about an hour. Later, when the Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) promised to repair the road, the residents lifted the blockade.

It is known that this is the only road leading to Amgaon-Ratan Market in Sadipur Union of Upazila. Nadeem Enterprises got the job in October last year under the Rural Infrastructure Development Project for the rehabilitation of the road and started digging up the road. Its contractor is Rafiqul Islam Nannu, president of the Upazila Jubo League. For a long time he has dug up the road and made it impassable. In this, about 15 thousand residents of 5 villages including Amgao, Ratanmarket, Ganakbari, Malkartek in that area are facing extreme suffering while moving.

In this regard, the local residents are not getting any results even after making a written complaint to the Upazila LGED and the Upazila Executive Officer. Later on Friday afternoon, the residents of 5 villages gathered together and staged a protest march in Nayapur area of ​​Dhaka bypass road (Madanpur-Joidebpur) for an hour. After receiving the information, the police went to the spot and tried to normalize the situation. Later, as the protestors did not leave the road, the upazila executive officer Abdullah Al Mahfuz assured them of the speedy repair of the road over the phone, and they lifted the blockade and moved away.

The speakers said that the road from Amgaon to Ratan Market in Sadipur Union of the upazila is the only means of transportation for 5 villages. Upazila Jubo League President Rafiqul Islam Nannu has not been digging and repairing the road for 10 months. Residents complain about their suffering to various departments but are not getting results. So the locals were forced to block the road.

In this regard, the contractor Rafiqul Islam Nannu said that the workers have not come after the Eid holiday. So I’m late to work. And due to rain, water has accumulated in various places, water is being removed by machines. We are trying to complete the work quickly.

Sonargaon Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Md. Abdullah Al Mahfuz said that the residents blocked the road and protested because the road was not repaired. They gave up the road when we promised to repair the road soon. The Upazila Engineer has been asked to complete the road work quickly and take action against the contractor.

Rashedul Islam Raju/FA/ASM