QR code for selling underwear in ninth grade books!

Discussion-criticism has started on the book ‘Life and Livelihood’ of Class IX in the new curriculum. A chapter in the book on starting a business as an entrepreneur uses a QR code that, upon scanning, brings up a website selling underwear.

Teachers and parents have expressed anger over this. He demanded that those involved in using such QR codes in textbooks be brought under punishment.

However, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) says that when the QR code was installed, various sports content was available on the website. Now there is a problem with underwear pictures.

On review it was found that on page 38 of the book ‘Life and Livelihood’ the chapter titled ‘Step-6: Business Branding, Marketing or Marketing Plan’ mentions how to start a business for the journey as an entrepreneur. On this page ‘Figure 2.1: Sample of Product Advertisements in Different Media’ illustrates a picture of the store.

Besides, there are logos of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Viber, LinkedIn and Pinterest. A QR code is attached between the logo and the everyday store, which when scanned leads to a Portuguese women’s lingerie website called Trucss. Where female models in underwear are advertised.

The book ‘Life and Life’ was written and edited by Md. Murshid Akhtar, Mosammat Khadija Yasmin, Hasan Tarek Khan, Mohammad Kabir Hossain, Md. Sifatul Islam, Md. Ruhul Amin, Md. Tauhidur Rahman, Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Mohammad Abul Khair Bhunya.

QR code for selling underwear in ninth grade books!

The art direction of the book was Manzoor Ahmad, illustration Subir Mandal, cover design Manzoor Ahmad, cover Pash Das Pulak, graphics Noor-e-Ilahi and K. M. Yusuf Ali.

The mother of a student of Motijheel Ideal School and College told Jago News, ‘I gave my son a smartphone for this new curriculum. He scanned it suddenly one day. At that time, nonsense pictures were coming. I then banned my son from scanning the QR code. The matter is now under discussion. Such mistakes are not acceptable. Those involved should be punished.

NCTB chairman (routine duty) Prof. Mashiuzzaman told Jago News, “I don’t know much about the matter.” But such an incident happened, I heard. It is printed in all books. There is no way to move. It will be discussed and decided whether this part of the book can be abolished somehow or not through the teachers.

When the books were printed and distributed, Prof. Farhadul Islam was in charge of NCTB Chairman. He told Jago News that we are aware of the matter. When we installed it, scanning the code would bring up a picture of the sporting goods. Maybe now that organization has changed it.

Asked what to do now, he said, we have nothing to do now. It can be dropped next year. At present the subject can be abolished or rendered useless by instruction through the teachers.