Quota is not cancelled, democratic student alliance wants logical reforms

Abolition of quota is not a solution in any way, logical reform of quota is necessary, said the leaders of Democratic Students Alliance

This coalition of eight left student organizations held a press conference on Sunday (July 7) afternoon at Dhaka University (DU) Madhur canteen to demand logical reform of the quota system. Ragib Naeem, the central president of the student union, read the written speech at the conference.

At the press conference, the leaders of the student union said that this angry reaction of people who have been subjected to state discrimination for years is not very unusual. But what is the solution to canceling the entire quota system? We don’t think so. In the wake of the quota reform movement in 2018, on April 11, Sheikh Hasina announced the abolition of all types of quotas in 1st and 2nd class government jobs. Disability, ethnic minorities and backward communities are deprived of their civil rights through this bold decision. In 2018, the students demanded quota reform. But to confuse the logical demands of the students, the government issued a circular announcing the cancellation of the quota. In just six years, the High Court declared the circular invalid. So quota needs logical reform.

In a written statement, Ragib Naeem, president of the student union, said that the young students of this country have been protesting against quota discrimination in government jobs for a long time. The students across the country have started a movement as the discriminatory quota system has been introduced again following a judgment of the High Court on June 5. In the meantime, continuous movement is going on by boycotting the class examination. The Democratic Student Alliance stands in solidarity with the students’ fighting stance against state discrimination. At the same time, it is calling for the formation of a conscious student movement across the country to demand logical reform of the quota system.

He said, the introduction of quota system is aimed at creating equality in the apparent sense for the people who are gradually falling behind in the discriminatory socio-economic system. But for the political interests of the rulers, the quota system itself became a cause of discrimination in this country. A practical example of which is that 53 years after the liberation war, the quota of 30 percent freedom fighters has been maintained. But the quota system is by no means a permanent system. Due to the narrow interests and discriminatory policies of the rulers, the freedom fighter quota has become a reflection of discrimination instead of creating social equality. The goal of the liberation war was to establish equality, human dignity and social justice. However, even after 53 years, the essence of the liberation war has been denied by continuing the discriminatory quota system.

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In the press conference, the Democratic Student Alliance made two demands in front of the quota reform movement. The demands are- 1. Discriminatory freedom fighter quota should be abolished. and 2. Reasonable quotas should be ensured for underdeveloped, backward castes and deprived classes.

Also present at the press conference were Dilip Roy, president of Biplabli Chhatra Maitri, Salman Siddiqui, president of Samajtantrik Chhatra Front, Chayedul Haque Nishan, president of Democratic Student Council, Drakhana Chakma, president of Greater Chittagong Hill Tracts Student Council, Deepa Mallik, vice president of Bangladesh Student Federation and Biplabli Chhatra Youth. Acting president of the movement, Tawfika Priya and others.