Quota reform demand from teachers association meeting

The Islamic University (EB) teachers are on a complete strike demanding the cancellation of inclusion of university teachers from the universal pension scheme. They observed a full-day strike on Sunday (July 7). However, the teachers’ association held a general meeting along with the strike on this day. The meeting was held on the ground floor of the university’s faculty building.

In the speech of the teachers in the location program, several teachers demanded reform of the quota. At the same time, they demanded a statement from the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations expressing solidarity with the quota reform movement. Later it was decided to present this demand to the Federation from the General Assembly.

Quota reform demand from teachers association meeting

The teachers said in the meeting, various criticisms are being made about us through social media. Especially from students and general public. Things we should take into consideration. We are teachers, our biggest stakeholders are the students. Students are now agitating nationally over quota. How many national roles have we played as the conscience of the nation during the transition? Couldn’t we have stood up for the logical demand of the students on behalf of the teachers’ association or the federation to demand a minimum reform of the quota?

They said, we respect the freedom fighters. We also want their children to learn something. But 30 percent is an unreasonable number that the students want reformed if we had a statement from the federation that the overall quota would come to a logical place. Then the student society would have sympathized with our demand. If we say anything from this movement, let it be said that we want a logical reform. As the teachers spoke in favor of quota reforms, other teachers applauded with applause.

In this regard, the president of the teachers’ association, Professor Dr. Anwar Hossain said, ‘In the general meeting, many teachers expressed their solidarity in favor of the quota reform movement. At the same time, the federation has demanded a statement expressing solidarity with the students. We decided in the meeting that we will present the words of the teachers to the federation. It was also decided to continue the movement in the meeting.

Munjurul Islam/RH/GKS