Rabi students blocked the railway

Students of Rajshahi University (Rabi) are protesting by blocking the railway line demanding reform of quota system in government jobs. On Monday (July 8) at around 12 noon, they started the movement by standing on the railway track under the flyover adjacent to the university’s Charukala.

At this time, ‘The motto of the liberation war, equality of opportunity’, ‘Give news to the whole of Bengal, bury the quota system’, ‘The tool of the 18th, let it roar again’, ‘Wake up, the student society has woken up’, ‘Quota not merit, merit, merit’, ‘Liberation war’ In Bengal, there is no place for discrimination’, the entire area became heated with all these slogans.

Earlier, students started gathering at Paris Road from all the halls around 11 am. Later, a large procession passed through the university’s administrative building, academic building, girls’ hall and boys’ hall and after the circuit of the main main road, they came to the railway line and joined the protest rally.

At this time, all the traffic from Bhadra to Kharkhari bypass in Rajshahi city was stopped. Common people suffer from it.

Mushfiq Moin, a student of the Islamic Studies department who joined the quota reform movement, said that an extreme discrimination like quota has been imposed on us again. Our ancestors did not accept this discrimination, we will not accept it either. Discrimination is not acceptable in a free country. If I am a victim of discrimination, why did the fathers of those who are creating discrimination today fight against discrimination? If there is a 56 percent quota, the talented will have no choice but to drive rickshaws.

Quota reform movement coordinator Aman Ullah Khan said, we had 4 point demands till tomorrow. But today our demand is to reform the quota system. Our movement will continue in solidarity with the whole country until the quota reform is done.

Monir Hossain Mahin/ZH/GKS