Rabi students burnt books in protest against PSC question paper

10-15 students of Rajshahi University have burnt books in protest against the leakage of BCS cadre and non-cadre recruitment exam conducted by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC). Books were burned in front of room 413 of Mother Bakhsh Hall of the university on Sunday (07 July) around 11 pm.

Mehdi Hasan Akand, a student of law department of the university, said that there is a quota of 56% in BCS exam, 85% in railway, 116% in primary teacher recruitment exam etc. Thus having quota in government jobs is discriminatory. If you don’t get a job after studying for 20-25 years, then there is no point in studying. This is why I am burning the book.

He said that the parents are paying money month after month, year after year after unimaginable hardship. If they don’t get a job, they will be cheated with their blood and sweat.

He also said that the constitution, the supreme law of our country, talks about equality of opportunity in getting government jobs. But if there is such a quota in the case of government jobs, ordinary students will be deprived of the fundamental rights protected by the constitution. It can’t be. We want quota reforms. If the questions of the BPSC recruitment exam are leaked, where will the talented people go? We have no use in education. So I’m burning the book.

Hriday Hossain, another student who is looking for a job, said, “I will not study if I do not get a job or face huge discrimination.” I will burn all the books. Liberation War and Bangabandhu’s Bengal cannot be a place of discrimination. We want a merit-based corruption-free society.

According to an investigative report of the private television channel-24, questions have been leaking in the Bangladesh Public Works Commission recruitment examination for almost a century. Even the question papers of the last 46th BCS preliminary exam have been leaked. Finally, the questions of the recruitment exam of 516 posts of Railways held last Friday were also leaked. It is also mentioned that around 30 cadre-non-cadre exams from 33rd BCS to 46th BCS have been leaked. Big officials of PSC involved in the question leak.

Monir Hossain Mahin/FA/JIM