Rabi students can recognize the rickshaw pullers by their clothes

From now on, the students of Rajshahi University (Rabi) will be able to recognize campus rickshaw pullers just by looking at their clothes. ‘Rajshahi University’ is written on the back of the dress.

On Sunday (July 7) at 11 o’clock in the proctor’s office of the university, the clothes were initially distributed among 30 rickshaw drivers by the proctor professor Dr. Asabul Haq. Along with that, the campus rent is also determined.

On inquiry, it is known that the students are suffering from rent at various times in the campus. They have been demanding to have specific rickshaw pullers in the campus for a long time. So that by seeing the drivers, the students can understand that they are university rickshaw drivers.

The rickshaw pullers who wear university uniforms will have to ply on the campus. A leaflet containing the fare is given to them.

Mannan Mia, a rickshaw driver, said, “I feel very happy to get the university uniform.” From now on we became campus rickshaw pullers. I became a member of the university family.

Professor Dr. Proctor of the University in this regard. Asabul Haque said, I have decided not to create chaos between the students and the drivers. Many times students have to face the dilemma of rent on campus. We discussed with the students and fixed a list of fares. It has been pulled in various places in the form of leaflets. In the first phase, 30 people were given clothes with university writing. Time will be extended further.

Monir Hossain Mahin/ZH/JIM