Rabi students protest by blocking the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway

The students of Rajshahi University (Rabi) have blocked the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway for the second day demanding four-point demands, including canceling the quota system in government jobs and reinstating the merit-based recruitment circular.

On Saturday (July 6) at 10:30 a.m., the students took out a protest march from Paris Road of the university. Later, the protesting students blocked the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway near the main gate of the university.

Earlier, they staged a protest rally at the University’s Paris Road at 10 am. “The motto of the liberation war, equality of opportunity”, “Give news to the whole of Bengal, bury the quota system”, “The tool of eighteen, let it roar once more”, “Awake, the student society has woken up”, “Quota not merit, merit merit”, “In Bengal of liberation war “There is no room for discrimination” and the students kept chanting slogans.

The students made four demands in the rally. These demands are that the quota system should be reformed by forming a commission subject to the validity of the 2018 circular, if candidates are not found in the quota, the vacancies should be filled in the merit quota, the individual can use the quota once in all types of government competitive exams in his lifetime. It is to be noted that public university admission test will include, re-evaluation of existing quota through economic survey with every census, effective measures to ensure corruption-free, impartial and merit-based bureaucracy should be taken.

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Fahim Reza, a third-year student of the university, said that the existence of a quota system in a country reveals the weakness of the country’s state structure. Therefore, the unreasonable quotas should be canceled and the system should be reformed. The farce called quota must be abolished. Circular 18 should remain in force until re-establishment.

A freedom fighter’s son said in solidarity with the students’ demand, “I don’t want a freedom fighter quota either.” I want everyone to be evaluated based on merit. I have been preparing for BCS exam ever since I got admission in university. I think my preparation is much better than my friends. But why do I need quota? We are also talented, we should go to the worthy place with the introduction of talent.

Agitating student Amanullah Aman said, Bangladeshi students were, are and will be active in establishing equality, human dignity and social justice. In order to ensure the participation of talented people in government jobs for the overall development of a country, there is no alternative to create equal opportunities for every citizen of the state. Rajshahi University students have always been vocal about reforming the discriminatory quota system.

Monir Hussain Mahin/Snr/MS