Rabi’s birthday today: A depressing picture globally

Today is the birthday of Rajshahi University on July 6. The second largest university of the country has crossed 71 years. But how is this oldest university keeping pace with international standards in terms of education and research? In one word, “No”. It is very sad and disappointing to say that, after reviewing the reports of recognized international institutions, it is seen that Rajshahi University is so old and has hundreds of teachers with the title of professor. He is in shy condition.

QS World University Rankings, Web Matrix, Times Higher Education, The Academic Ranking of World Universities, US News & World Report, these organizations create rankings of universities worldwide. It has been seen for a long time that Rajshahi University could not rise above 1000 in terms of quality. However, in terms of age, several younger public and private universities are higher than Rajshahi University in terms of quality. This lowliness of Rajshahi University in higher education and research hurts us.

In 2024, the ranking of Rajshahi University is not among the 1000 universities in the world in the data published by these quality assessment organizations. Even after 70 years, this university is lower than neighboring India and even Pakistani universities. Leaving aside the famous private universities of Dhaka, the name of “Barendra University” of Rajshahi, which has only passed an era, has also come up in the ranking of an organization.

UK based education magazine Times Higher Education (THE) ‘Impact Ranking’-2024 has been published recently. 2152 universities from 125 countries of the world have been included in this year’s impact ranking. In the second row of this list, between 1001-1500 and jointly in the country, Rajshahi University is in the 9th place.

In this prestigious ranking in higher education, Rajshahi University has achieved the honor of being named in the list of the best universities in the country for the first time. In spite of being such an old university, after 6 eras, Rabi’s 71-year-old birthday in 2024 is significant for this reason.

Rajshahi University is ranked between 1201-1400 in the ‘QS World University Rankings 2025: Top Global Universities’ published by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a world-renowned education and research organization based in the UK.

Rajshahi University is ranked 1676 in US News & World Report 24.

Recently, the budget of Rajshahi University for 2024-25 financial year has been passed 518 crore 95 lakh taka. Out of it 300 crore 89 lakh in salary and allowance sector and 92 crore 85 lakh for pension, and only 14 crore 2 lakh in research sector. Salary and allowance of teachers, officials and employees And most of the money goes to pensions. The research sector is nominal.

At present, teachers in Rajshahi University and other public universities are protesting to cancel the pension scheme and to increase their financial opportunities. I think this movement is logical. The senior academics are responsible for the situation they have reached. It is known that the teachers of these public universities have not been seen agitating for the improvement of education or research till date. Irregularities, corruption, mismanagement, discrimination, injustice have become tolerable in every university today. . However, the tenured teachers are renouncing their professionalism and indulging in personal greed and are ruining the dignity of the profession. These teachers have never been seen to agitate together for the larger interest of the university.

Today, on the foundation day of Rajshahi University, as a member of Rajshahi University family, I have only one request to the respected teachers, spend all your talents in education and research work. We hope, for the sake of the university, you will try to start your joint efforts to leave your negative activities and gradually move towards international standards.

Author : Deputy Registrar (Retd.)
Rajshahi University and Senior Journalist.