Rajshahi District Chhatra League without committee for 21 months

Rajshahi District Chhatra League committee was formed in 2022 for one year. Due to various controversies, the committee of Sabikul Islam Rana and Zakir Hossain Ami was abolished within eight months. Since then there has been no new committee. In other words, Rajshahi District Chhatra League has not had a committee for almost two years. The activities of the Chhatra League have slowed down. Organizational programs are not even followed. Many leaders and activists of the ruling party’s student organization are becoming inactive due to frustration.

According to the information of Rajshahi District Chhatra League, on February 24, 2022, Sakibul Islam Rana as president and Zakir Hossain Ami as general secretary were formed as a committee of 30 members by the then central president of Chhatra League Al Nahin Khan Joy and general secretary Ukhari Bhattacharya. After that there was a controversy about Rana.

Local Chhatra League leaders expressed their anger over making Chhatra League president from Chhatra Dal leader. Soon after that, Rana got involved in drug and women scandals. On the other hand, various allegations including extortion were raised against General Secretary Ami. In the face of widespread criticism, the central leaders of the Chhatra League disbanded this committee after eight months. On October 21, 2022, Rajshahi District Chhatra League Committee was dissolved. Rajshahi District Chhatra League has been leaderless ever since.

In 2023, the current Central Committee President of Chhatra League, Saddam Hossain, called for resumes for announcing the Rajshahi District Committee. On July 10, 2023, they published a circular asking for resumes. After that on September 20, the Chhatra League organized a staff meeting. Later that workshop did not take place. However, on February 19 this year, the Central Committee of the BCL held an exchange meeting with the district BCL President and General Secretary at the central office. Those concerned thought that the committee would be announced soon after. However, it has not yet been possible to elect the leadership of Rajshahi District Chhatra League.

Not only the district committee, but also the upazila committees here are inactive. Rajshahi’s Tanor, Godagari, Bagha, Puthia, Bagma have no upazila committee for almost two years. Besides, Charghat, Paba, Mohanpur upazila committee was formed eight years ago. But there is no full committee yet. As a result, organizational activities have stopped at the upazila level as well.

Former President of Rajshahi District Chhatra League Habibur Rahman Habib said, many leaders of our time are not old now. Many of the last committee are also old now. This committee needs to be given fast. Because now there are many crises due to lack of committee. No staff. No new leadership can be found. Organizations need to be led by those who do.

Shafikuzzaman Shafiq, the former president of Rajshahi Metropolitan Chhatra League, said that we are suffering a lot because Rajshahi District Chhatra League does not have a committee. The organization is suffering. It is a divisional district. It is very sad that there is no committee here. It is very important to give committee here.

He said, Chhatra League, Awami League is a factory for making workers. In this way, since there is no committee for two years, we will have a staff crisis. A political crisis will arise. A committee needs to be set up quickly to resolve this.

Rajshahi District Awami League President Babu Anil Kumar said, they are not as lively as before. They will be more lively if given responsibility. I spoke at the center. I have asked them to announce the committee quickly.

BCL Central Committee President Saddam Hossain said, I will soon announce this committee. Our work is going on.

Sakhawat Hussain/ZH/JIM