Rashid Khan is watching Afghanistan in the semi-finals

Afghanistan is one of the dark horse teams in this year’s Twenty20 World Cup. They had a chance to reach the semis in the last ODI World Cup. But Maxwell’s bravery was no longer possible. But this time Rashid Khan wants to fulfill that hope. The captain of the team sees themselves in the semi-finals before going to the World Cup.

Group ‘C’ has Afghanistan along with West Indies, New Zealand, Uganda and Papua New Guinea. Two teams from each group will advance to the next round. Afghans have to win against either West Indies or New Zealand.

Although it is not easy to win against these two strong teams, Rashid Khan has painted the dream of playing in the semi-finals in his mind to keep the team strong.

In a press conference before the game against Uganda, he said, ‘Many people said we will reach the semis. We are taking this as a positive. To advance to the next round must be one of the top two teams, which is not easy. We are not worried about it. We are looking forward to performing on the field. We almost made it to the last World Cup, but this time we want to prove it and make it to the semis.’

Afghans took part in the 2010 T20 World Cup for the first time. After that, they made it to the next round three times. If the spin takes hold on the pitch, then it will be difficult for the big teams to survive in front of the Afghans.