Repeated rocket attacks targeting Israeli military installations

Lebanon’s armed organization Hezbollah has repeatedly fired rockets at military installations in southern Israel. More than 160 rockets have been fired from Lebanon.

Hizbollah claimed that the attack targeted several Israeli military installations, including air control systems and the Amiyad camp, which is 20 kilometers from the border.

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  • The queue of dead bodies in Gaza is growing
  • Hamas agrees to UN-backed ceasefire deal

Earlier, Israel killed a Hezbollah commander by attacking southern Lebanon. Dafoy rockets were fired at Israel in response.

According to Israeli media reports, rocket attacks by Hezbollah have set fires in several areas of southern Israel, with 21 fire units and eight planes operating in the Neva.

Hezbollah has sided with the Palestinians since the Israeli attack on Gaza. As a result, there are frequent shooting incidents along the Lebanese border.

Meanwhile, the queue of dead bodies in Gaza is increasing. Innocent Palestinians are losing their lives to Israeli aggression every day. Most of the casualties there are women and children. Small children don’t even know why they are being attacked like this. It is also uncertain when the Israeli aggression will end there.

More than 37,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the besieged valley for nearly eight months. Meanwhile, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad said in a joint statement that they had submitted their response to the UN-backed ceasefire proposal to mediators in Qatar and Egypt.

Source: The Times of Israel