Report against Shanto-Mariam teacher Rashi Kamal on August 11

The court has set August 11 as the date for filing the investigation report against Shanto-Mariam University assistant professor Rashi Kamal. In the case of sexual harassment of a teacher of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), the date of submission of this report has been fixed.

Sunday (July 7) was the day for submitting the investigation report of the case. However, the investigating officer of the case did not submit the report. That’s why Dhaka
Metropolitan Magistrate Tariqul Islam fixed a new date for filing the report.

Police SI Salim Uddin, general registration officer of Pallabi police station, confirmed the matter.

Earlier on April 18, the accused teacher was brought before the court after his arrest. After that, the investigating officer of the case applied for a ten-day remand for proper investigation of the case. After the hearing, the Metropolitan Magistrate of Dhaka. Mehdi Hasan granted his four-day remand.

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On April 22, the police produced him in court after four days of remand. After that, the investigating officer of the case requested to keep him in jail until the investigation of the case is over. In view of the application, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Saddam Hossain ordered to send him to jail. He is currently in jail.

On April 18, a teacher filed a case against the teacher in Dhaka’s Pallabi Police Station for online harassment and threats of rape. In the statement, he complained, in August 2023, a research of mine was published in the Indonesian Journal of Social Research. Accused Rashi Kamal requested my published research paper on my personal email while staying at my current residence on March 17.

He revealed that he has taught in several educational institutions besides Shanta Mariam University. As requested by the accused, I send my research paper to his mail. Asami read my research paper and was very appreciative and expressed interest in collaborating with me to present it at a conference. If the accused asks me for CV, I give it.

Later, when I asked for his research gate link, he sent it from his email to mine. I read his research papers and realized that his research was related to engineering, which was totally different from my research topic. So I was not interested in working with him. Still he repeatedly requested to talk to me on Skype video call, but I refused to talk on video call.

Then on March 29 at 1:04 PM, the accused called me and hung up the phone saying sexually harassing words. Accused called me multiple times on my mobile number along with my WhatsApp introducing himself as Rashi Kamal and using offensive language. Following this, from the night of March 29 at approximately 1:04 a.m. to April 7, he threatened to rape me by sending obscene sexually harassing messages to my WhatsApp number from the accused’s WhatsApp number.

At this time, send porn pictures on WhatsApp. When I asked the reason for such behavior, he abused me and threatened to harm my dignity and social status by releasing dirty pictures on the net world.

Rashi Kamal has been mentioned as Shanta Mariam’s teacher in the affidavit of the case, but Shanta Mariam authorities have claimed that he was a teacher of the institution long ago. Currently, he is not working as Shanta Mariam’s teacher.