Reza Neer dedicated the title to late Grandmaster Zia

Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman, who passed away a day ago, was the idol of Fidemaster Manon Reza Neer. This talented chess player from Narayanganj learned a lot of chess from Zia.

Yesterday, Saturday, where Neer was supposed to be swept away by the excitement of becoming the national champion for the first time, there was an impression of sadness on his face at the loss of his beloved teacher. Nir dedicated the title to Ziaur Rahman as the first champion in the biggest event of domestic chess.

The Bangladesh Chess Federation has suspended the ongoing national chess till tomorrow Monday due to Zia’s sudden death. However, the federation arranged his match with Amit Vikram Roy as Neer will go to Sri Lanka to play the international tournament on Sunday.

Fidemaster of Bangladesh Navy Manon Reza Neer became the undefeated champion with 10 points in 13 games after drawing the last round.

Manon Reza became the national champion at the age of 15. In 1979, Niaz Morshed became the first national champion at the age of 13. Ziaur Rahman became the first champion in 1988 at the age of 14.

From this national championship, Neer achieved the international master’s standard.