Ronaldo’s tears were not ‘drama’, claim team-mate

Portugal reached the quarter-finals of the Euro. But before that they had to go through a difficult path. They drew in the last 16 against Slovenia, then won the tiebreaker. Before that, Cristiano Ronaldo missed the penalty.

The Portuguese star broke down in tears when John Oblak blocked his shot in extra time. In total, Ronaldo could not score in the last eight matches in the World Cup and Euro. There are various discussions and criticisms about his cry against Slovenia. Many call it drama.

But his teammate Bernardo Silva stood by his side before the quarter finals. He said: ‘We are human, he felt the emotion when he missed the penalty. It’s normal, right? Sometimes you’ll react in ways you didn’t expect.’

‘He felt he could have done better at that moment. She cried a bit, as people do when they are emotional. I see no reason to discuss it. Of course people will do that, because this is business.’

Portugal won 3-0 against Turkey in the group stage. Apart from this their performance is not very promising. Silva also talked about this. This Manchester City star is taking criticism naturally.

“We understand that this is part of the business,” he said. That’s why we earn so much money and can provide good life to our family and friends. We have no complaints about criticism. For better or worse, that’s our job. When it comes to the World Cup or the Euros in June, everyone thinks they are the coaches. We understand and accept this.’