Rumors of Mithun’s twin movie release in Pooja

Now all over Tollywood, preparations are going on for Pooja movie release. In the meantime, the names of several movies that are scheduled for release in Pooja have been revealed. But till now SVF has not announced the name of their Pooja movie. So there are rumors about whether they will bring any movie in the puja or not.

This year, Srijit Mukherjee is teaming up with Dev and Rukmini Maitra to bring ‘Tekka’ to Puja. As a result, it is clear that he will not tie up with ‘SVF’ for the Pooja movie. On the other hand, it was heard that SVF might bring ‘Ekenbabu’ in the puja. But it is known that there is a problem with that movie due to the confusion about the shooting in Russia.

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A few days ago it was reported in a news that SVF has given director Rahul Mukherjee the task of making their Puja movie. Sources claim that Prosenjit Chatterjee and Anirban Bhattacharya were thought of for this movie at the initial stage. However, it is known that no final decision has been taken about this movie till now.

On this side, another news about the Puja movie of the production company has spread in Talipara. Behind is a picture published on social media. Mithun Chakraborty is acting in director Raj Chakraborty’s new movie.

Rumors of Mithun's twin movie release in Pooja

Recently, the director completed the shooting of a song scene of this movie. The pictures from the shooting floor that have come out show Mithun along with Raj, Shubashree Gangopadhyay, choreographer Baba Yadav and producer Srikanth Mohta. It is heard that the song has been conceived in the context of Durga Puja.

Why is Raj’s movie pooja all of a sudden? A source in Talipara claims that if Rahul’s movie doesn’t materialize, the production house may bring Raj’s movie as their Puja movie. It was known from the beginning that director Pathikrit Bose is coming up with the movie ‘Shastri’ with Mithun in Pooja. Now the question is, will the audience see Mithun in two Bengali movies instead of one? The answer is not yet known.

Another industry source claims that Pooja is still months away. That is, various equations can still be created. Last year, Sreejith’s ‘Dasham Avatar’ was released on behalf of the production company. That movie was also announced and shooting started much later. So what happens in the end, it cannot be said for sure yet.