Russell, who lost 1 leg due to vandalism while demolishing the building, is in the High Court

A writ has been filed in the High Court seeking adequate compensation in the case of child Russell losing his leg after the wall of the under-construction house collapsed due to the impact of a fan on Konapara Majumdar road in Demra of the capital.

The Supreme Court lawyer filed this writ on behalf of Shishu Russell in the relevant branch of the High Court. Russell has been brought to the High Court for hearing the writ.

The writ petition is scheduled to be heard on Sunday (July 7) by a bench comprising Justice KM Kamrul Quader and Justice Khizir Hayat.

On May 11, a pedestrian was killed on the spot and another child was seriously injured when the wall of a house under construction was crushed by a van on Konapara Majumdar road in Demra of the capital. The dead pedestrian is Tutul (45) and the seriously injured child is Russell (10).

The incident took place in the alley of Samrat’s tea shop on Majumdar Road adjacent to Konapara Bazar. The deceased Tutul lived in Baitul Karim Jame Masjid area of ​​Konapara area. The seriously injured child Russell’s house is next to the accident site.

Eyewitnesses said that a van was working from within the boundary of 247/2 holding, when the child Russell and the deceased Tutul were walking along that path when they suddenly heard a loud noise. Later, people came forward and saw two people buried in the wall. Tutul died on the spot and injured child Russell was buried up to the waist by the wall. He was rescued and sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. While undergoing treatment, one of Russell’s legs was amputated.

On Sunday, Russell’s father Delwar told reporters on the balcony of the High Court that my son was first taken to Dhaka Medical Hospital after being injured. Later the paralytic was taken to the hospital. Later, Russell’s right leg was amputated. On the other hand, the left leg is also damaged. The owner of the house under construction has paid only 60,000 rupees so far, but Russell’s treatment is not possible. He informed that he will not give any money for treatment. Where can I get so much money for my son’s treatment? So I have come to the High Court for adequate compensation.