Saira Reza sang at the ‘Panta Hilsa’ festival in the United States

Bangladeshi artist Saira Reza sang at the ‘Panta Hilsa’ festival in Virginia, USA. Artist Dolly Sayantani also joined from Bangladesh in the concert organized on the occasion of the festival in the presence of local Bengalis. The Bengalis there gave a warm welcome to the two artists of Dhaka.

On July 6, Saira Reza sang in two states of the United States. Like every year, the ‘Panta Ilisha’ festival was organized at the Forthunt Park in Alexandria under the initiative of Ekatar Foundation. This festival is very popular among the Bengalis of Virginia. Around 1,500 Bengalis attended the grand event throughout the day. They enjoy music along with eating and drinking together. This year the main attraction of the concert was Dolly Sayantani and Saira Reza, two artists of two generations of Bangladesh.

Saira Reza sang at the 'Panta Hilsa' festival in the United States

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After that afternoon concert, Saira Reza went to New York. That night he sang at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Pravasi Bengali Christian Association. Saira sang on the first day of the two-day event and Amit Pal, a popular artist from Saregamapa, India, on the second day. Gabriel Gomez Tapas, president of the Expatriate Bengali Christian Association, said that about a thousand members from several countries, including the United States, joined the event.

Saira Reza has sung several popular songs. His singing journey started in 2008 with ‘Dhar Dharina Para Padshir’. After that he has several hit songs including ‘Na Na Na Ta Hobe Na’, ‘Ore Sona Tui Aste Chal’, ‘Assam Jayo’, ‘Maan Bhangabo Bandhure Aaj’. In the beginning, he caught people’s attention for his Sufi and folk genre songs. Along with cover songs, he also sang several original songs.