Saklayen’s ‘illegal relationship’ with Parimani, what the police found in the investigation

Golam Saklayen met heroine Parimani when he was in Gulshan Division of DB. Communication begins with seeing. After that, Parimani gradually developed a relationship with Saklayen. At one point, Saklayen started staying at Parimani’s house regularly. The heroine even went to Saklayen’s house in Rajarbagh Madhumati Police Officers Quarters. After staying there for about 17 hours, Parimani came out of the house at 1.30 am.

These facts have emerged in the police investigation report. It is said that Parimani had an illicit relationship with Saklayen. Additional Superintendent of Police (ADC) Golam Saklayen is losing his job because of that. The Ministry of Home Affairs has taken the initial decision to send him on compulsory retirement. They have sought the opinion of the Bangladesh Work Commission (PSC) in this regard.

A letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the PSC said that investigations had revealed that Saklayen had an extramarital affair with Parimani. Saklayen used to stay at Parimani’s house. And since Saklayen’s wife was not at her official residence, Parimani went and stayed there at night.

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The letter also says that he met Parimani by chance while he was in Gulshan Division of Saklayen DB. Then the communication started. As a result, he started spending nights regularly at actress Parimani’s house.

Analyzing the CDR (Detailed Call Record Report) of Saklayen’s mobile phone obtained from the LIC branch of the police department (in charge of legal Adipata), the investigators found that from July 4, 2021, Saklayen stayed at Naika Parimani’s residence at various times (day and night) for the next one month.

After reviewing the forensic report of actress Parimani’s mobile phone, the investigators found that Saklayen was having conversations with Parimani. It is not a relationship based on general acquaintance or professional needs, but an immoral love affair.

The Home Ministry’s letter also stated that there is CCTV footage of Parimani’s movement at the Rajarbagh Madhumati Police Officers’ Quarters. Analyzing its forensic report and witness statements, it appears that Parimani went to his (Saklayen’s) official residence at Rajarbagh in the absence of his wife, with the premeditation and full knowledge of Saklayen. After staying there for about 17 hours, Parimani left home at 1.30 am on August 2, 2021.

The home ministry letter stated that Saklayen, being a responsible police officer, developed an extremely close relationship with the actress Parimani outside of official duties.

It said Saklayen is married and father of one child. However, his extra-marital affair with Parimani, birthday celebrations with Parimani and spending time in his official residence in the absence of his wife have tarnished the government’s image.

The Ministry of Home Affairs says that a departmental case has been filed against Saklayen in this incident. He was given an opportunity to show cause. He demanded acquittal. But the answer was not satisfactory.

This letter was given to the PSC on June 13 from the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It said that the initial decision was made to grant Saklayen compulsory retirement from service as a ‘penalty’ for ‘misconduct’ under the Government Servants (Disciplinary and Appeal) Rules-2018.

Ghulam Saklayen’s statement on the matter was called, but his mobile phone was switched off.

On the night of June 9, 2021, Parimani filed a case against businessman Nasir Uddin Mahmud on June 14 for rape and attempted murder at the Dhaka Boat Club of Savar police station. Saklayen was the supervising officer investigating the case. He was transferred and an inquiry committee formed after allegations of his relationship with Parimani surfaced.

On July 18, 2021, Nasir Uddin Mahmud filed a case against Parimani in court on charges of attempted murder, beating, vandalism and intimidation. On August 4, 2021, RAB raided Banani’s residence in Parimani. Later he was shown arrested with foreign liquor. In this case, he was remanded and interrogated for a total of seven days in three phases. Parimani was released on bail from jail on September 1, 27 days after his arrest.