Saving 1835 crore rupees in construction of Padma Bridge

All the ancillary works for the construction of the dream Padma Bridge have been completed. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will announce the official completion of the project on Friday (July 5). On this occasion, a rally will be held in Mawa. The event is underway. The mood of the festival has started again in Padmapara.

Meanwhile, the people concerned have confirmed that the construction of this bridge, which is discussed in the country, has been completed at a lower cost than the allocation. 1 thousand 835 crore 67 lakh taka has been spent less than the allocation.

Shafiqul Islam, Project Director of Padma Multipurpose Bridge confirmed this. He also said that the remaining money will be deposited in the government treasury.

Saving 1835 crore rupees in construction of Padma Bridge

Project director Shafiqul Islam said, ‘We had to complete the work amid various uncertainties. After the withdrawal of various organizations including the World Bank, we were able to complete the work of the bridge with the efforts of the Prime Minister. I was able to build a beautiful bridge for people. Alhamdulillah, we have spent 1 thousand 835 crore 68 lakh less than our last allocation. We will deposit that money in the government treasury as per the rules.’

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday (July 3) on the ground in Mawa area, it can be seen that a rally has been organized in the field adjacent to the North Police Station. Inauguration of Padma Bridge and Rail Link Project ceremony was held at the same ground. Security has been strengthened in the area. Special Security Force (SSF) is under surveillance. The final preparations for welcoming the Prime Minister are going on now.

According to the sources, two to two and a half thousand Sudhijans will participate in the final rally. In addition to the guests of various levels, there will be people involved in the project.

Saving 1835 crore rupees in construction of Padma Bridge

Confirming the completion of the bridge work, Shafiqul Islam, Project Director of Padma Multipurpose Bridge said, ‘This is a very big project. We had some claims. Some work on river management and technology was left. There is a defect liability period after the construction of large structures. At this time, if there are defects in the infrastructure (eg, some paint has come off, some work is left, etc.) it is rectified. The contractor also had several claims. That’s why we have to meet again and again. That is, all the work has been completed within this period. All in all our work is now complete. It was completed on June 30.

Munshiganj Deputy Commissioner Abu Zafar Ripon said that maximum security and all-out preparations are in place to welcome the Prime Minister.

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He told Jago News, ‘The Prime Minister has expressed his desire to come to the Mawa area of ​​the Padma Bridge project on the afternoon of July 5. The prime minister will come to celebrate the completion of the Padma Bridge project. A congratulatory gathering will be held with the guests of different levels who have participated in the work of this bridge at different times. The Prime Minister has expressed his desire to listen to those concerned there.’

The District Commissioner also said, ‘In the meantime, a coordination meeting has been held with the participation of the district administration and all departments. All necessary steps have been taken to receive the Prime Minister. Our preparations are also finalizing.’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of the first Padma Bridge in Mawa in 2001. Later, after facing various obstacles and challenges, the main bridge work started. The last total allocation for this project discussed in the country was 32 thousand 607 crores.