Schoolgirls abducted in Chagalnaya were rescued in Chittagong after a month and a half

PBI rescued the abducted schoolgirl (15) from Chittagong after one and a half months on her way to North Jashpur School in Chagalnaya, Feni.

According to PBI, the girl was rescued from CMP Chittagong Karnaphuli police station area on Thursday night (July 4) with the help of information technology and women police. He has been sent to court on Friday (July 5) afternoon for taking his statement.

On May 18, the schoolgirl was abducted on her way to school at North Jashpur in Chagalnaya of Feni. In this regard, the girl’s mother, Roksana Akhtar, filed a case under section 7/30 of the law in Feni’s Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal on June 11.

The investigating officer SI Gazi Md. received the instruction of Feni PBI investigation of the case. A smart team led by Ziaul conducted a raid with the help of LIC branch at headquarters and rescued the kidnapped schoolgirl.

Feni Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Superintendent of Police Jayita Shilpi confirmed the rescue of the abducted schoolgirl and said that the investigation of the case is continuing.

Abdullah al-Mamun/MRM