Severe heat wave in the United States, 13 million people at risk

More than 130 million people are at risk due to prolonged heat waves in the United States. The heat wave broke the record in the high temperature. Forecasters said the heat wave will be felt from the East Coast to the West Coast.

National Weather Service official Jacob Asherman said temperatures could reach 38 degrees in parts of the Pacific Northwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

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On Saturday (July 6), the National Department informed that a heat wave warning has been issued across the South Western region. Temperatures may be higher than average in western parts of the country.

Forecasters said there will be a heatwave in the eastern United States as well. A severe heat wave warning is in place for parts of Baltimore and Maryland. Temperatures in these areas can reach 43 degrees Celsius.

For the Baltimore area, the National Weather Service advises drinking plenty of fluids, staying in air-conditioned rooms and staying indoors.

Hot and dry weather and wind conditions across the western United States last week forced fire officials and forecasters to issue warnings of elevated wildfire risk.

Source: Al-Jazeera