Vocalist Shah Hamza presented the image of the society in song. A song of his titled ‘Pagal’ has been released. Its words are, ‘Nidrasan is a harsh duti / Tired of life / Standing on the edge of a dishonest society / I am a gentler than a madman / The monsters of a corrupt society made me destitute.’

The song is written by Syed Mohammad Khosru Ahmed. The music is composed and composed by the artist himself. He released the song on his official YouTube channel.

Referring to the song, Shah Hamza said, the struggle to stand against the pollution of the society and the reality is very difficult for those who strive for the bright path. I have tried to present that image of the society in this song.

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He further said, ‘This song was completed in 1997 but it was released almost 27 years later. Late Ghulam Farooq and Zahid Bashar Pankaj played with me in the song. Many of them have praised the song.

Earlier a music video of a song titled ‘Preeti Bandhan’ was released in her voice.
Meanwhile, in the 90s, Hamza’s music began to move. He formed his first band called ‘Back Door Man’ in 1991 at the age of 13. But now he is releasing songs as a solo artist.