Shaheen’s APS Pintu under surveillance for supplying chapati-chloroform

Member of Parliament Anwarul Azim Anar was rendered unconscious with the anesthetic chloroform before being killed. Then the killers killed him and separated the meat from the bones with chapati. An Indian national named Pintu supplied the chloroform and chapati used to kill MP Anar at Sanjiba Gardens flat in Newtown, Kolkata. Kolkata CID has identified him and kept him under surveillance. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Intelligence Branch (DB) is investigating the kidnapping case in Dhaka in the same incident.

Kolkata CID gave information about Pintu to Dhaka DB. Regarding that information, the concerned officials of DB said that this Pintu is a close companion of US citizen Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, the mastermind behind MP Anna’s murder.

When Shaheen went to Calcutta, Pintu took care of all his work. Pinto has his own car. Shaheen used that car. Pintu is in Kolkata.

Additional Commissioner (Investigation) Mohammad Haroon Or Rasheed said the names of several others involved in Anna’s murder have been found.

Harun said that Faisal, a heart patient and Mostafiz, a kidney patient, were issued visas to India from Shaheen’s residence in Bashundhara, Dhaka, by showing fake documents, fake bank statements and various fake documents. They stayed at Shaheen’s house in Dhaka until they got their visas.

He said that Aktaruzzaman Shaheen paid 20 thousand rupees to Mostafiz and Faisal to go to India by train after getting the visa. After going to India, they entered the Sanjeeva Gardens in Kolkata on April 10. On May 13, Faisal left his friend Gopal Biswas’ house and took MP Anar to Sanjiba Gardens in a red car. After that, Mustafiz, Faisal and Jihad carried out the duty of bringing chloroform and chapati from Shaheen’s PS Pintu to make him unconscious.

The DB chief said, during interrogation, Mustafiz and Faisal also said that after the murder, when everyone left, Mustafiz and Faisal were last in that flat in Sanjiba Gardens. There they also talked with Shaheen. Shaheen instructed them, that there should be no hair and blood stains in the flat, they were asked to keep everything tidy. Then on May 19, Mustafiz and Faisal moved to Bangladesh. Shaheen also cut the ticket to come to Bangladesh. Even after coming to the country, Mustafiz and Faisal climbed the third floor of Shaheen’s house in Dhaka.

Haroon Or Rashid said, when the murderer of Anna’s murder, Amanullah Aman alias Shimul Bhuiyan, was arrested by the DB, Mustafiz and Faisal hid in different places with the 30,000 rupees given by Shaheen. Then they plan to go to a temple in a remote hill and hide there, disguised as Hindus.

“According to the plan, they started worshiping Maa Kali in dhoti at the Patal Kali temple in the remote hills of Khagrachari and changed the name.”

Five days after leaving home, his friend Gopal Biswas filed a GD about the disappearance of Anwarul Azim at the Barahnagar police station in Kolkata on May 18. Even then, the three-time member of parliament was not found. On May 22, news suddenly spread that Anwarul Azim was murdered in room BU 56 of a residential building called Sanjiba Gardens in the Newtown area of ​​Kolkata. Traces of blood are found inside the house. But the body was not found.