Sharsha Raihan Uddin is independent in Patol farming

A farmer named Raihan Uddin (60) has become self-reliant by cultivating potol in Sharsha of Jessore. Raihan Uddin is the son of Tofazzel Khandkar of Beri village in Sharsha Union of Upazila. For a long time, he has brought prosperity to the needy family by cultivating potol. Even in the last few years, their family was suffering from poverty. He turned the wheel of fortune by cultivating potol.

It is known that farmer Raihan cultivated Bombay variety of potol in loft on 33rd century land. Row after row of potol trees are blooming in clusters on one side; On the other hand, small and big potols are seen. Patol can be lifted from his field for another 2-3 months. He will cultivate more land in future as potole is more profitable than other crops.

According to the information of the Upazila Agriculture Office, Patol has been cultivated in 345 hectares of land in Sharsha Upazila this year. Farmers of this upazila are interested in Patol cultivation due to good yield and profit.

Patol farmer Raihan Uddin said that once there was scarcity in his family. Currently, his family has returned to prosperity by cultivating potol. Now his lack is over. This time he cultivated patol in 1 bigha land. About 20 thousand taka has been spent on cultivating potol on this land. So far he has sold 70,000 rupees of potol excluding expenses. He collects about 15-20 maunds of patol twice a week from his field.

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He sold the extracted patol at the price of Tk. 25-30 per kg in Navaran, the biggest raw material market of the upazila. Many times the wholesale traders take potol from the field. If the weather is good, he is hopeful that he will be able to sell another 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh taka from this land. He also said that he will cultivate more land in the future as potole is more profitable than other crops.

Some potol farmers said that they have been associated with potol cultivation for a long time. They get double profit from potol cultivation. This year the weather is good and the yield is high. You can sell it at a good price in the market. This year they will benefit from potal cultivation. Due to the demand throughout the year and more profit than other crops, they will cultivate potol in more land in the future.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Deepak Kumar Saha said Patol is a popular vegetable. Available more or less throughout the year. In the current season, many farmers in Sharsha upazila have achieved success by cultivating patol. This year, farmers have cultivated patol on 345 hectares of land in Sharsha upazila. Farmers are being encouraged by the government to grow safe vegetables to benefit farmers economically.

He also said that the Upazila Agriculture Office always gives various effective suggestions including IPM method for modern methods of potato production, control of insects and diseases. Farmers are being encouraged to grow vegetables besides rice by providing seeds and fertilizers from the agriculture office.

Md. Jamal Hussain/SU/JIM