Sheikh Hasina Medical College has not got a permanent campus even in 9 years

Habiganj Sheikh Hasina Medical College did not get a permanent campus even after 9 years of establishment. Some of the floors of the new building of Sadar Modern Hospital are in some form of teaching. Administrative activities are going on in some small rooms. Due to the classroom crisis, one year of teaching has to wait for the students of the other year. Lab, library run in small rooms. Auditorium is like a dream.

There is also no provision of entertainment for the students. There is no safe accommodation for teachers and students. However, the first batch of students have already become doctors. But none of the students are getting the necessary facilities including practical. There is no end to anger and regret of teachers and students for not being able to have their own campus.

Farzana Akhter Munmun, a fifth year student, said that the first batch has already completed their education program. But even after going for so long, we don’t have enough classrooms due to not having a permanent campus. There is no hall. No entertainment facilities. There is no canteen. The biggest problem is that our number of clinical teachers is negligible. As a result, despite the hundreds of efforts of the teachers, some problems remain. There are some departments which have no teachers at all.

Another student of the same year. Hasan said, medical students are always under a lot of pressure. So it would have been better if we had entertainment. We don’t even have any opportunities for sports.

Sheikh Hasina Medical College has not got a permanent campus even in 9 years

Student Tasia Akhtar Holi said that Sunamganj and Habiganj Medical Colleges were established at the same time. But with the arrival of 2-3 batches, Sunamganj Medical College is getting a permanent campus. Although we are running 6 batches, we have no campus initiative of our own. Due to lack of permanent campus, our girls are not getting safe accommodation. At present accommodation is arranged far away from our city. We have a lot of problems traveling there. Traveling is very unsafe especially after evening. Canteen, classroom problems. There is no registrar in the ward, no CA. We do not understand how to examine a subject under such circumstances. As there is no simulation lab we are not able to do practical.

Dr. Associate Professor of Medical College. Kanti Priya Das said, the biggest problem of our teachers is accommodation. It is often seen that surgery, medicine departments, especially clinical departments are always full of patients. They require constant special monitoring. In fact, doctors first need secure accommodation to ensure their services. There are also lab problems. But we are trying on a small scale.

Sheikh Hasina Medical College Principal Professor Dr. Sunirmal Roy said, since we don’t have our own campus, we are operating on 2 floors of the new building of the 250-bed modern hospital. We have 76 teacher posts. But currently there are 42 teachers. We are short of space here. There is no canteen. No auditorium. It is very difficult for us to hold cultural events and meetings. Many problems will be solved if the work on the land acquired for us starts at a fast pace.

Sheikh Hasina Medical College has not got a permanent campus even in 9 years

He said, I do not have any accurate information about this yet. We are constantly in touch with the directorate and ministry. I am giving letters. If it is fast, the quality of treatment in Habiganj will increase a lot. Here our teachers don’t have accommodation, we can’t even give them a place to sit. It is difficult for us to teach only 50 students a year, but this time 100 students are allowed to be admitted.

Sadar modern hospital supervisor Dr. Mohammad Aminul Haque Sarkar said, although our hospital has 250 beds, 4 to 500 patients are admitted here. As a result it becomes very difficult to consolidate our space. Besides, Sheikh Hasina Medical College is running on two floors of our hospital. As a result, they cannot be used for hospitals.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina last visited Habiganj in 2014. Then Member of Parliament Advocate Md. Abu Zahir demanded the establishment of a medical college and agricultural university. The Prime Minister also promised to establish it. As a result, the medical college got approval in 2015. In the same year the student receives administrative approval for admission. But it was not possible to admit students that year as the academic building was not decided. In the end, the second and third floors of the 250-bed modern hospital were decided as a temporary campus, and the journey of the medical college began with the admission of 51 students in the academic year 2017-2018. Currently there are more than 300 students in the medical college. Meanwhile, on February 4, 33 students of the first batch took oath as trainee doctors. He became a first batch doctor through this. The scope of medical colleges is increasing day by day. Students are also increasing. But the permanent campus of Sheikh Hasina Medical College is yet to see the light of day.