Six months after the abduction, the child was returned to the mother’s arms by the PBI

A three-year-old child was kidnapped six months ago from North Balia area of ​​Chandpur Sadar Upazila. Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) rescued him and returned him to his mother. This information was informed in a circular from the PBI Chandpur district office on Sunday (July 7) night.

The child’s home is in North Balia village of Sadar Upazila. The full identity has not been released due to the investigation into the case.

According to the notification, a 3-year-old girl child was rescued from the Sadar police station area of ​​Chandpur on Saturday night (06 July) based on the kidnapping case. The victim of the case, child Mahia Akhtar (3), alias (3), left her house in Chandpur North Balia around 11 o’clock on the 22nd of last January and went to the road and did not return home. In this regard, his mother sued as a plaintiff.

According to the plaintiff, due to prior enmity, the unnamed defendants with the help of their neighbors abducted the victim and took her to an unknown place in connivance with each other. In this regard, a case was registered in Chandpur Sadar Police Station on February 12th under section 7/30 of the Prevention of Torture against Women and Children Act. Even after the investigating officer of Sadar Police Station conducted an investigation for about 5 months, the victim could not be rescued. As a result, the court ordered PBI Chandpur to submit the investigation report after recovering the victim for the sake of proper investigation of the case.

PBI Chandpur District Superintendent of Police (SP) Mustafa Kamal Rashed said that the case was investigated by Deputy Inspector (SI) of PBI. Fazlur Rahman Chowdhury. He formed a special team and rescued the child from Dhalirghat area under Chandpur Sadar Model Police Station on the night of January 6 on the basis of secret information.

After the child’s medical examination on Sunday (July 7), when the child was presented to the learned court, the court recorded the child’s statement in accordance with section 22 of the Prevention of Women and Child Abuse Act and handed the child over to his mother. The Superintendent of Police said that the investigation of the case is continuing.

Shariful Islam/FA/JIM