Six poems by Walid Zaman

I fell in love with you

You come back sometime
I will write a world
you love once
I will stop a world!

You leave, go away
I am deeply ashamed
You know—
Put the remaining shirt on
Looking away on the road to leave!

You come back sometime
We will have a cup of tea
love you again
I’m just going to melt!

You leave, leave
A Sea of ​​Maya Dictionary
You know—
I fell in love with you
If you love, you can return
But I did it!


want to know

All over the city, blacktops are burning
You are far away on such a day
where are you how are you
Want to know!

Another mind inside the mind
Love runs deep
Where do you put it? How do you put it?
Want to know!

The night ends with the sudden dawn
Every hour of being alone
Where alone? How alone?
Want to know!

Holding the new hand of love
What fills the heart with joy
Where is the filling? How full?
Want to know!


Why did you come suddenly?

This is the one who lives next door
keep me good
On a sad day
Knowing the mind

This is what he said
He is my own
Keep the poem up
Pretending to tell a story

This is the beginning of that day
The chest is far away
All things unsaid
Memory deposit page

Why did you come suddenly?
Go with saying
Far beyond sorrow
Dark room!



waiting for you
Sometimes the night ends and dawn comes
You don’t come!

Roses come on the balcony tree
You don’t come!

There are 365 days in a year
You don’t come!

Birds come to nest at night
You don’t come!

The rain comes in torrents
You don’t come!

When will you come—
At the end of the night
The sun rises in the gentle morning

Rose in the hand at dawn
To surprise a lot

Or at the end of a year
Stand right with a sweet smile

Or on the wings of a bird
Just an excuse to see

Maybe it’s raining suddenly
Just find me!

love for you
you are away then
My lonely morning

Across the balcony
The rose is full

My year is over
Walk home alone

fly like a bird
The mind wants to go away

When the change comes
Why not by my side?

Finally you come—
At one o’clock in the morning
Life is full of inertia

There are no roses on the balcony
Careless it died when

Months and years no longer count
Blurred eyes, can’t hear

The bird’s nest is empty
The house is far away

There is no feeling in the rain
If you stay next to it!


You will be that poem

You don’t get to talk about something
I don’t have the time or courage to say it
Those words just stuck in the head
Accumulated accumulation of news that they are lovers!

I want to see you in such love
The mind dives into deep water knowingly
That love is stuck in the chest
But drowning in water saves me!

I will remove the clouds in your mind and let it rain
I will remove the days of depression and give love
That love will remain in mind
Poetry will be happy memories on the pages!

In such a poem you will be the poem
Tejaswini is the sun in the middle of the sky
That beam will pierce, right in the heart
Love will meet in the new evening!



You love Belly so much
Meshen in the illusion of woodpecker
My favorite sapphire creeper
The fire falls like blacktop!

If Sudhai Beli khopae Gongen
Looking for love in the rain?
Let me know when it is time to do this
A world that works in my head!

I don’t give up though
I don’t give up on wanting to listen
You can hear far away
What is the melody of the mind across the field and the forest!

I say this is very deep
An accumulated sea of ​​sadness
you say-
Only then you will get Maya in Kathgolap
The mind of the white belly will get added shade!