Slow down in restructuring process, BNP in crisis

After the 12th National Assembly elections, there has been a breakdown in order in the BNP due to the failure to complete the restructuring activities. Suspicion, mistrust and division grew among party leaders. Recently, BNP has entered the field with a handful of programs. But the presence of activists was disappointing.

However, the officials of BNP say that the reorganization of the party is an ongoing process. The government is repeatedly obstructing it. Therefore, to strengthen the organization should take time to understand and restructure.

Expiration 5 years before
According to the constitution of BNP, the National Executive Committee is supposed to be elected by a conference (council) every three years. The last executive committee council was held on March 19, 2016. The term of that committee expired five years ago. Jhalkathi district BNP member Md. after the 12th national parliament election. Rafiqul Islam Jamal was appointed as the religious affairs secretary of the National Executive Committee. Then on March 19, Advocate Masud Ahmed Talukdar, the International Affairs Secretary of the National Executive Committee, was nominated as a member of the BNP Chairperson’s Advisory Council, Principal Salim Bhuiyan, the Public Education Affairs Secretary of the Committee, was nominated as the Organizational Secretary (Comilla Division) and Mohammad Rashedul Haque, the Associate International Affairs Secretary, was nominated as the International Secretary of the party. Since then, no leader has been promoted or demoted in the Central Committee.

Reorganization makes the organization dynamic
Advocate Rafiq Sikder, a member of BNP’s executive committee, told Jago News, ‘If the organization is reorganized on time, the organization becomes dynamic, if not, an uncomfortable environment is created and the organization is weakened. Due to the situation, regular council is not held. What is happening in the team cannot be called normal, nor can it be called slow. It’s ongoing. However, this will not fulfill the purpose of the Council. We want the leadership of the party to develop.’

Rafiq Sikder said, ‘Bangladesh does not have healthy politics, not only BNP but all political parties are involved in a kind of sick competition. Democracy cannot be practiced.’

A co-editor of the central committee of BNP, who did not wish to be named, said that after the 12th national parliament elections, the demands of the executive committee meeting and the reorganization of the party were demanded by the activists from the high command. But there is no reflection of the demands of the activists. That is why BNP is not able to return to Rajpath’s program. The parties and affiliates who failed, still remain. Because of this, there is a fear of devaluation among the tyagi activists.

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Strong suspicions
According to BNP party sources, after the 12th National Assembly elections, mutual suspicion and mistrust among the party leaders and workers has become strong. A section feels that the acting chairman of the party, Tariq Rahman, is taking important decisions based on the opinions of a few relatively junior leaders without giving importance to the leaders of the standing committee.
Another section of the BNP feels that the party’s senior leaders have good relations with the government and neighboring countries, which is why they are unable to join the movement to boycott Indian products. Although Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is the general secretary, he is not able to play an effective role, Salahuddin Ahmed from India is acting as the shadow general secretary of the party.

In addition, BNP’s media cell and office bypassed the ‘Journalist’ WhatsApp group created by the member of the party’s standing committee. Abdul Moin Khan. Moin Khan’s campaign to become the general secretary of the party is being promoted.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of doubt among the leaders and activists of a section of the party about the fact that Tariq Rahman gives importance to all the junior leaders in the important decisions of BNP, why they were hiding instead of being in the movement.

Accusations of misappropriation of movement funds
BNP could not protest against the organization secretaries of the party, but the report of misappropriation of funds of the movement was published in the media.

BNP’s Khulna Divisional Acting Organizing Secretary Anindya Islam Amit said, ‘It is a propaganda. The reality is that these news are being fueled by the government, so as to create conflict of faith and disbelief between the leaders and activists. Awami League could not break BNP despite thousands of attempts in the last 17 years. No person from BNP could return to his party. After all this, when they get frustrated, they do it. Not only the organizational secretary, you will see these words at the senior level of the party. Sometimes you will hear differences between seniors and juniors. These are actually done by different agencies. Government intelligence agencies produce these news. Now there is no freedom of media. The formal report is published. The media also do not do it voluntarily, they also publish these reports under compulsion.

BNP Mymensingh Divisional Organizing Secretary Syed Emran Saleh Prince said, ‘I have no comment on this. It is not known whether money is given or given by the party for the movement. We want to discuss these within the team. I was in jail throughout the movement. I do not know whether this money has been paid or not.’

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Boycott of Indian products
BNP leaders and activists said that on the issue of boycott of Indian products, the party’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi threw the Kashmir chador and his followers burnt it. But the people of Kashmir are victims of torture by the central government of India. There are also questions as to whether Rizvi was taking a stand against the oppressed people of Kashmir in protesting against the oppression of the Indian central government or out of personal frustration.

Attack on Shravan
Recently, former president of Chhatra Dal, member of national executive committee of BNP, Kazi Ronukul Islam Shravan was attacked along with some of his followers in the capital. On behalf of the party, the BCL leaders and activists were accused of this attack. However, there is a campaign within the party, Shravan has a hand in the accusations brought against BNP’s student affairs secretary Rakibul Islam Bakul by the former co-women’s affairs secretary of Swachchasevak Dal, Australia expatriate Munni Chowdhury. For this reason, Bakul taught Shravan using BCL leaders and activists. However, Shravan denied his association with Munni Chowdhury’s social media post to Jago News and refused to accept that he was attacked by Bakul.

H-y-b-r-l situation
According to BNP sources, due to lack of proper restructuring, the situation is going on in BNP. On May 1, the Nationalist Labor Party held a rally in Nayapaltan on International Workers’ Day. On May 11, the nationalist youth party held a rally. The presence of activists there was disappointing. Last May 30, BNP founder Ziaur Rahman’s 43rd death anniversary meeting was held at Engineers Institution in the capital. There was no banner, no photo of Ziaur Rahman was seen in the hall. BNP’s media cell convener Zahir Uddin Swapan could not return to duty even three months after his release.

What the leaders are saying
Regarding the reorganization of BNP, organizing secretary Syed Emran Saleh Prince said, ‘Reorganization is an ongoing process. If there is a council atmosphere we can have council within a week but there is not that atmosphere. Vacancies are being filled in accordance with the powers vested in the Chairperson under the Constitution to fill up the vacancies caused by death and expulsion or otherwise.’

Acting Organizing Secretary Anindya Islam Amit said, ‘If the restructuring process can be completed on time considering the situation over time, then the organizational structure is always strong. Organizational structures become fragile for various reasons. What happens after a cyclone? The houses in the coastal area that were broken are gone. And the houses that are fine, that too has become fragile. So it has to be repaired. No matter how we say it, the persecution and steamroller going on BNP leaders and activists from October 28 to January 7 last year, naturally the organization has suffered at least in some places. I cannot deny this fact. In that case, in a favorable environment, the identified weaknesses can be fixed as soon as possible to strengthen the organization.

Joint Secretary General Habib Un-Nabi Khan Sohail said, the process of organizing the party continues. Committees become full when their term expires. No environment has been created where everything has to be done in a hurry. The party thinks. It’s nothing to worry about. The team will do what they think is best. Rather, if you rush, you may make a mistake.

Vice Chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu said, considering the overall situation of the country, it is not possible to hold a council. It is difficult to manage the activities of the party under the torture of the ruling party. Many activists are still in prison. Constantly being arrested. Party Chairperson Khaleda Zia is in jail. The Acting Chairman is out of the country. However, organizational activities are ongoing. However, it cannot be said when the council will be held.

BNP Standing Committee member Begum Selima Rahman told Jago News that organizational restructuring is an ongoing process. In the meantime, some vacancies in the central executive committee of the party have been filled. The rest will be filled in due course.

Selima Rahman said, ‘We are now in a movement. Still we have the desire and effort to do council. We will do that too in time.’