‘Smuggling is a big obstacle in the development of jewelery industry’

In order to establish the gold Bangla of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’s dream, the people concerned think that the obstacles that exist for this industry including gold smuggling should be stopped.

They said, ‘Gold smuggling is the biggest obstacle to the development or advancement of the jewelery industry. These smugglers are reducing the demand for gold. If gold smuggling stops, demand will increase and industries will develop. At the same time jewelery will be exported soon.’

Speakers said these things at the closing ceremony of the first International Jewelery Machinery Exhibition Bangladesh (IJMEB) 2024 at Puspaguchche Hall of International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in the capital on Saturday (July 6).

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) advisor Ruhul Amin Russell spoke at the event, followed by BAJUS spokesperson and former president Dilip Kumar Roy, vice president Samit Ghosh Apu, Ripnul Hasan, Masudur Rahman, Gulzar Ahmed and others. Apart from this, all the organizations participating in the event were awarded with mementos.

Earlier, Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan inaugurated the exhibition by cutting the ribbon on Thursday (July 4).

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Dr. at the event. Dilip Kumar Roy said, ‘On behalf of Bajus President Saim Sobhan Anveer, I thank everyone who participated in this exhibition. We dream of becoming self-reliant in the future. We will no longer sell foreign ornaments. We will build small-large-medium industry in the country and increase recognition in the world court. Soon we will take ornaments made in our country to the world market. ‘

He said, ‘This jewelery industry of ours has progressed by leaps and bounds. Under the leadership of Bajus President Sayem Sobhan Anveer, we have come to the end of fulfilling our long-held dream. These are the two problems of the jewelery industry that pull us back. First is smuggling, which is disrupting an organization and industry. We want to take a pledge from this exhibition that we will not allow any more smuggling in the country. Bajus is protesting it. We will tell law enforcement that this illegal route is destroying a market and industry. We have to stop that, otherwise the dream we are making this art with will come to naught.’

Bajus spokesperson said, ‘Our second hurdle is state sponsorship. The Prime Minister wants to bring back the lost tradition of this industry. But I’m noticing a bit of carelessness from the administration side. Regarding legal matters, we want to stop all these things that are going to be imposed in the name of VAT, tax and source tax on import and export, and we want to tell the administration that we will remove all the things that are hindering this industry, including gold smuggling, to establish the dream of Sonar Bangla. Reach the desired goal. Jewelery industry will be appreciated in the world market, we will keep pace with other countries of the world, this is our hope.’

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Bajus Vice President Samit Ghosh Apu said, ‘This exhibition has been organized for the first time. We will do it on a bigger scale in the future. Through this exhibition we got acquainted with many machinery. The biggest obstacle to growing this industry is gold smuggling or smuggling. Real traders are never involved in this. Smugglers are known as smugglers. And those traders, we give VAT-tax to the government, smugglers should not be mixed with them. They have no involvement with this sector.’

Speakers said, ‘We want to be known as businessmen, businessmen. And those who are smugglers will remain as smugglers. We have no relation with them. Besides, it would have been better to bring machinery to the exhibition. By doing this, those who are involved in this industry will be able to buy machinery. I want your cooperation to sustain this industry.’

Bajus, the country’s largest traditional and commodity-based trade organization, and Indian company KNC Services jointly organized this exhibition with the aim of establishing new jewelery factories in the country and adding modern technology to the old factories and developing it as an export-oriented sector. The motto of the exhibition is ‘Touch of technology in jewellery’.

About 30 companies from about 10 countries of the world including India, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany, China and Thailand participated in this first organized exhibition. Out of this, 8 organizations have participated in India.