Soham apologized for the assault

Tollywood star and Trinamool MLA Soham Chakraborty had a scuffle with the owner while shooting in a restaurant. Even in the midst of heated arguments, there were accusations against him of killing, slapping and punching the workers of that restaurant.

Soham’s slap is now quite active on social media. People on social media have questioned such behavior of a public representative. Soham Chakraborty apologized before twenty-four hours of that incident.

Soham Chakraborty got into a verbal altercation while shooting at a restaurant in Kolkata’s Newtown on Friday night. He started fighting with the owner of the restaurant. Soham himself admitted it. After that, the star MLA left the shooting. However, the actor apologized for the related incident on Saturday afternoon.

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Soham commented, ‘Actually, my head got hot because Abhishek was abusing Banerjee’s name. Not only that, I and my bodyguard were also severely abused. But yes, as a public representative it was not right for me to do this. I made a mistake in anger.’

Soham claims that the video footage that has surfaced is 45 minutes before the actual incident. Why are those footage not being released? Question to the actor. However, he wants to leave this matter in the hands of the administration, he said.

Soham was shooting a movie on the second floor of a restaurant near Sapurji residence. In the evening, the restaurant owner came and saw a white car parked in front. He expressed anger about it. The car belonged to Soham. The restaurant owner became even more furious after the security guards informed him.

At that time, Soham was busy shooting on the second floor of the restaurant. Hearing screams outside, he came out. During the discussion with the restaurant owner, Soham started beating him! The police also came to this incident.

In this regard, Soham told the police, ‘Earlier the owner of the restaurant assaulted my security guards. When I tried to stop the rant, he taunted me and our party’s All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee. He also abused. The police have been called and asked to take action against the restaurant authorities.’

However, the restaurant owner complained, ‘The problem started with illegal parking. Soham threatened to close the restaurant. During the argument, Soham beat up the restaurant staff.’

The police of Bidhannagar Commissionerate’s Techno City police station reached the spot on the news of such unrest in the middle of the shooting. They arrested the accused owner. After all this, Soham canceled the shooting and went out. However, the star MLA of Trinamool apologized within twenty-four hours.