Soham Chakraborty lost his temper Tulkalam case!

Soham Chakraborty came to the discussion again in an aggressive mood after the beating! This time he committed the Tulkalam incident in Bagbazar. The incident is said to have taken place on Gopimohan Dutta Lane.

The actor is seen talking to a goon. Then started chasing. The facts are real, but for shooting.

Soham shot the new movie in Bagbazar. The movie was announced a few days ago. whose name is ‘Phelu Bakshi’. Soham will be seen as a detective in this movie directed by Devraj Sinha. Perhaps he was shooting an action scene.

Soham Chakraborty lost his temper Tulkalam case!

The actor is seen wearing a light blue shirt and black jeans in the shoot. In front of him stood the actor who played the role of a goon with a box in his hand. A short conversation took place between the two. Soham chased after the goon. This scene of shooting was again captured on camera from a house in the area.

Soham will be seen in the role of a detective for the first time on the big screen. As per the glimpses of the story, ‘Phelu Bakshi’ is an intelligent ordinary Bengali. Young New Age characters. He is not a gadget freak but is interested in new technology. Very unpredictable, due to which no one can catch his next move. He is also a foodie. His mind opens only by eating. Deeply involved in any case, is his assistant Devyani. He is RJ by profession. There must be a love connection. Which is gradually coming to light.

Directed by Devraj Sinha, the movie also stars Soham, Madhumita Sarkar, Shataf Figar. Bangladeshi actress Parimani will be seen in an important role. Parimani has previously acted in films produced jointly by India and Bangladesh. However, this time he will be seen in a movie made entirely by Tollywood production.