‘Sorry about Southgate, but the players have to take responsibility too’

English fans are not satisfied with the performance of the team in the Euro Championship. Although the runners-up of the last time reached the quarter-finals at the top of the group stage, the second round, England coach Gareth Southgate’s decline continues.

Because, England did not feel like England on the field in the four matches played so far. Southgate is among the country’s former stars. His strategy, selection of players, changes do not remind former legends.

Beating Serbia 1-0 and drawing the next two matches against Denmark and Slovenia reached the last sixteen. Slovakia was the opponent in the fight to reach the quarter finals. Everyone thought that England would reach the last eight by blowing away their opponents. But they won the losing match by 2-1 in extra time. Switzerland is the opponent in the quarterfinals. Who eliminated current champions Italy from the last sixteen.

Ahead of Saturday’s crucial match, player Phil Foden talks about his performances in the four matches played so far. The Manchester City midfielder said, ‘The players must also take responsibility for the performance of the team. But I feel sorry for coach Gareth Southgate. Because, the arrow of criticism is more towards him.

‘We could not become an unstoppable team on the field. It has to be admitted and the fault lies with the players ie us. There needs to be some leadership to find solutions to why things aren’t going well. A manager can do many things. He can show a method, tell how to take pressure. And we have to apply these in the field. I think the players also need to think about some things to improve their performance’ – the City star who played 38 matches for the national team told reporters at the training ground for the quarter finals.

‘We have to be leaders too,’ explains Foden. If we could have been more united in the match and come up with a solution, it would have been better. We can also look for solutions, see where things are going wrong and try to fix them.’

In a discussion with the media, he also expressed his disappointment with the performance, ‘I am a bit disappointed. I admit it. But I always try. want to score Want to do better for England. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The most important thing is to keep the mindset of doing well. Not that I was the best player in the Premier League. But I am not showing it here. I’m getting better every game. Hopefully I can perform well for England, that’s my aim.’