Soukhin’s Eid surprise with Tausif-Niha

Director Zakaria Soukhin means to tell another love story in rich dialogue on the beautiful canvas of nature. He has already proved this. The last example of which was found in ‘Pathe Holo Deri’ with Apurba-Tatini.

In that continuity, this Eid the filmmaker is appearing as usual in his screenplay with ‘Love Rain’ or the rain of love. This time he chose Tausif Mahbub and Nazneen Niha as a pair. The story of the play will be known after the release, but before that, the location and getup glimpsed in its teaser, poster and stills, it is conceivable that director Soukhin will surprise again.

Soukhin's Eid surprise with Tausif-Niha

Another love test story will be seen in this drama produced as one of the surprises of Eid under the banner of CMV. The story that is mixed with faith, emotions and magic of nature.

Producer Zakaria Soukhin said about this work, ‘It is a sweet story. Tausif and Neeha have done well in their roles. Neeha is still a new person. But there is great effort in him. You will get the reflection of the effort in this work as well. We invite everyone to see our work on Eid.

Soukhin's Eid surprise with Tausif-Niha

Producer and distributor SK Saheed Ali Pappu said that ‘Love Rain’ is being released on CMV’s YouTube channel as a special Eid event. Posters and teasers have been revealed. There is great enthusiasm from the audience.