Sourav Netravalkar is the hero of defeating Pakistan

This year’s T20 World Cup witnessed the first major incident. Pakistan lost to USA. Sourav Netrawalkar was the hero for the hosts as they lost in the Super Over. He went down to defend 18 runs in the super over and gave only 12 runs.

Who is this Saurabh? He is an engineer by profession. Also works in Oracle. Born in Mumbai, this cricketer once played for India’s U-19 team. Now he has established himself as one of the USA’s World Cup heroes.

Sourav was born in 1991 in Mumbai, India. He also played in the U-19 World Cup for India in the 2010 World Cup. Sourav can collect pace and bounce on any wicket, played in Ranji Trophy as well. But India has not been able to cope with the uphill struggle.

In 2015, he moved to the United States to go to India. After completing his studies, he got a job in Oracle. After that Saurabh continued cricket along with software engineering. By combining both, now he has made history in cricket for the United States.

However, the taste of defeating Pakistan is not new for Sourav. India defeated Pakistan in the 2010 U-19 World Cup. Babar Azam was the captain of Sourav’s opponent team at that time. Who also led Pakistan yesterday. After a few days, Sourav will have to face his native India as well.