Spain have nothing to fear: Griezmann

The match between Spain and France in the semi-final is going to be one of the biggest matches of this year’s Euro. In 2016, France reached the final of the Euro but did not see the title. On the other hand, Spain is the European champion of 2008 and 2012 in this century. So there will not be a fight of words behind the fight between the two teams, is that right?

France’s Antonio Griezmann has been playing in Spain for a long time. He also knows the Spanish players fairly well. Therefore, the French star expressed the opinion that there is nothing to fear about Spain.

“Spain are definitely a very good team,” Griezmann said. But they have nothing to fear. There is nothing to fear from any party. We believe in ourselves and will give our all to reach the final.’

“We have one game left to reach the final,” Griezmann said in a report in the Spanish daily sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo. Being one of the four teams is an incredible achievement. We want to enjoy it as a team. Because we know we can.’

After 2012, the two teams did not meet again in the Euro. La Rojara knocked France out of the quarter-finals in their last encounter in 2012.