Stegan could not play a single second in 4 tournaments

The list of unfortunates in football is long. One misses easy opportunities; Someone missed the penalty and entered this list. Marc Andre-ter Stegan is a new name in the list of footballers who have not been lucky.

Germany goalkeeper Stegen’s story of disappointment is a different story. Other footballers got down on the field and became depressed. But Marc ter Stegan has gone to the top of the list of unlucky ones without taking the field.

Ter Stegen was considered to be the next German goalkeeper after Manuel Neuer. But the guard was in the team’s squad for 4 tournaments but did not get a chance to play in a single match. Euro 2016 was Stegan’s first major tournament. Service Germany played 6 matches. They went out after losing to France in the semi-final. But Stegan did not get a chance to get into any match.

The 2018 World Cup is a nightmare for Germany. They had to withdraw from the group stage. Stegan did not get a chance to play in one of the 3 matches in that tournament. He had to sit on the bench.

After that, he did not get a chance in Euro 2020 due to injury. The 2022 World Cup will repeat the same incident. As in 2018, the Germans were eliminated from the group stage. Although Germany played 3 matches in the last World Cup, Stegan spent time on the bench.

As the host nation of Euro 2024, Germany played well in the group stage. However, they lost to Spain in the quarter-finals with a last-minute goal. This time Stegan sits on the bench.

Stegan represented Germany in 40 matches despite not playing in any tournament. This star is 32 years old under the current goal of Barcelona. If Manuel Nuyya does not retire, Stegan may have to say goodbye without entering the field in the tournament.