Stricter action to be taken against cyberbullying: Palak

State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has commented that strict measures will be taken in addition to raising awareness to prevent cyber bullying.

He said, people are doing daily work using technology. Meanwhile, due to some violent attitudes, discord, violence, hatred are spreading. That is why digital literacy is essential. Awareness should be raised about cyber bullying. Strict measures should be taken if necessary.

The state minister said these things while addressing the chief guest at the award distribution ceremony of ‘Shaanti Film Festival 2023’ organized under the theme ‘Story of Smart Bangladesh on Camera’ on Sunday (July 7).

The program was organized at Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) Auditorium in Agargaon of the capital. The Minister of State joined the program virtually.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said, through creativity and innovation, the young generation of the country will spread solidarity, solidarity and humanity. Films carrying the message of peace and solidarity will play an important role in developing human qualities among the young generation. For the development of a nation, the development of its art and culture is very important. Such organization will play an important role in the development of Bangladesh’s art and culture.

The state minister also said that Bangladesh is a country of people of many castes, religions, groups, genders and communities. The spirit of the great liberation war and our constitutional declaration is that people of all ethnic groups shall live with equality and rights with tolerance and harmony. We are passing 53 years of independence with that spirit.

Bangladesh Computer Council Executive Director Ranjit Kumar presided over the event. Among others who spoke were Information and Communication Technology Department Secretary Samsul Arefin, UNDP Bangladesh Senior Governance Specialist Sheela Tasneem Haque, A2I Program Specialist (Innovation) Manik Mahmood and Films for Peace Foundation President Shipa Hafiza.

Out of 170 films, 25 were awarded at the Shanti Film Festival. Among them are Atmik in Fiction, Miracle in Heaven, Fragrance, Hoonsh, A Night Tail, Sadaya Fakir’s Pathshala, Nuain, Human, Nandit Narke, Banyan, Marichika and Color Pencil.