Student movement on Dhaka-Tangail highway, 20 km traffic jam

Students of Maulana Bhasani Science and Technology University of Tangail protested against quota in government jobs by blocking the Dhaka-Tangail Bangabandhu Bridge highway. On Saturday (July 6) from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., they blocked the Nagar Jalpai bypass of the highway.

This caused a traffic jam in an area of ​​about 20 kilometers on both ends of the highway. Many people have to suffer greatly due to this.

At this time, the students chanted slogans, ‘Motion of Liberation War, Equality of Opportunity’, ‘Give news to the whole of Bengal, bury the quota system’, ‘The tool of the Eighteen, let it roar again’, ‘Jegche Re Jeggeche, Chhatrasamaj has woken up’, ‘Kota na medha, medha’. Merit’, ‘There is no room for discrimination in Bengal during the Liberation War’ etc.

Some students said that the quota system announced in 2018 should be canceled and the merit-based recruitment circular should be maintained. Subject to circular 18 being upheld, commissions should be formed as soon as possible to eliminate unreasonable and discriminatory quotas in government jobs (all grades) and bring quotas down to a minimum level. In that case only backward communities can be considered according to the constitution.

Student movement on Dhaka-Tangail highway, 20 km traffic jam

They said that the quota facility cannot be used more than once in the recruitment examination of government jobs and if the qualified candidates are not found in the quota, the vacant posts should be appointed on the basis of merit. Effective measures should be taken to ensure a corruption-free, impartial and merit-based bureaucracy.

They added, “We have come together to compose the grave of the discriminatory quota system imposed.” Ignoring any obstacles, ordinary students will continue their movement. Our demand is only one, the circular of 2018 should be reinstated.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Tangail Sadar Police Station Lokman Hossain said that the students blocked the road. It caused traffic jam till Elenga. But they allow the ambulance to move. Later, when the students left the road on their own, traffic returned to normal.

Arif Ur Rahman Togar/FA/MS