Students are protesting in DU demanding cancellation of quota

Students are protesting in Dhaka University as part of the pre-announced program to demand cancellation of quota. The protest started under the banner of ‘anti-discrimination student movement’.

The procession started in front of the Central Library of Dhaka University at 3:30 pm on Saturday (July 6). Later it goes around TSC via Hallpara and is circling the various roads of the campus. It is said that the protestors want to go to Shahbagh via Bakshibazar Mor-Palashi-Eden College-Nilkhet.

Students protesting ‘quota not merit, merit merit’; Compromise not struggle, struggle struggle’; ‘Circular of eighteen to be reinstated’; ‘Let the quota system be abolished, the talented be freed’; ‘Give news to the whole of Bengal, bury the quota system’; “There is no room for discrimination in my golden Bengal”, “Jegche Re Jegche, Chhatra Samaj has woken up” they are chanting.

Demanding cancellation of quota, students are protesting in DU, want to take a stand in Shahbagh

The students of various universities are protesting to cancel the quota in first and second class government jobs and reinstate the notification given in 2018 and reform the quota in all types of jobs.

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At 12:30 pm on Thursday (July 4), the students laid siege to Shahbagh, ignoring the rain under the banner of ‘anti-discrimination student movement’.

After a long 6-hour siege, they announced a new program and withdrew from Shahbagh intersection.

On that day, the agitating students from every hall of Dhaka University gathered in front of the library. After that, the protest procession went around various roads of the campus and went to Shahbagh.

Earlier on Wednesday (July 3) at 4:15 in the afternoon, students came to Shahbagh from Dhaka University campus with a protest procession. Then he blocked the Shahbag intersection.

On Tuesday (July 2) too, the students blocked Shahbagh intersection at 4:15 pm with the same demand. Later they lifted the siege at 5:30 in the afternoon.