Students-police face to face in Shahbagh

All of a sudden, the police took a stand against the students who were agitating for the abolition of quota in Shahbagh.

On Thursday (July 4) around 5:10 pm, such a situation arose with the police stationed under the Shahbagh Metrorail station.

From 12 noon, the students blocked Shahbagh intersection to demand their demands. Besides, the police also took a strong stand. During the blockade, a policeman had a heated argument with one of the protesting students. At that time, the students got excited and rushed towards the police.

However, several people including Hasnat Abdullah, the coordinator of the movement, went and calmed them down. As of writing this report (5:25 minutes), the students are standing facing the police and chanting slogans of ‘fake-fake’ at the police.

The students also chanted slogans like ‘Agitation cannot be stopped by police’, ‘Dalali na Rajpath – Rajpath Rajpath’, ‘Agitation cannot be stopped by threats’ etc.