Students suffer in long queues in intense heat

A total of 5 thousand 965 students got admission opportunity in Dhaka University this time in Arts, Law and Social Science Unit, Science, Business Education and Fine Arts Unit. However, only three days have been given to the eligible students to complete the admission process. As a result, many students rush to complete the admission process even though it is difficult. They are suffering from extreme heat.

According to the notice of the university, the students have to appear in the respective departments between June 10 and 12 and complete the admission process.

However, due to the intense heat and the worry of returning home during the Eid holidays, many have come to enroll earlier. Standing in line in intense heat, the students and parents are in a state of panting.

Although the money required for the first year admission of the students of Dhaka University is paid online, to complete the admission process, the deposit receipt of the money has to be verified by Agrani Bank for the students of science department and Sonali Bank of other faculties including arts, law, business education faculties. The admission process has to be completed by submitting the attested receipt to the department. But this work cannot be done in any branch of Agrani and Sonali Bank. Both banks have to do this only in Dhaka University Corporate Branch. As a result, students from all over the country have suffered greatly.

On Tuesday (June 11), a long queue started from the gate of the TSC branch of the university’s Janata Bank. The line runs from TSC Maingate to TSC Terminus passing Karas Building, passing TSC Metrorail Station and reaching in front of Institute of Nutrition and Food Science. Not only the students are standing in the line but also the parents. New students and their parents cannot accept such suffering in the admission process of Dhaka University. Students can be seen standing in queues at Rokeya Hall, Shamsunnahar Hall, etc.

Admission to DU, students suffer from long queues in intense heat

On Monday (10th June) such a line can be seen around Sonali Bank of the administrative building. That line starts from Sonali Bank and reaches in front of Education and Research Institute.

A student named Maliha Tabassum said, “What we like about Dhaka University is different.” But such suffering on the first day of admission is questioning our assumptions. Now the university is the largest and most prosperous university in Bangladesh. But never expected his admission process to be like this. University authorities should look into this.

Admission to DU, students suffer from long queues in intense heat

A parent named Abdul Quddus said, everything in Bangladesh now depends on online. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh wants to make Bangladesh a smart Bangladesh. There Dhaka University has not yet created that example, it is really sad. Dhaka University guides the people of Bangladesh. But the smart program has not yet started in this university. As a result of which we have to bear this suffering. If they wanted, they could take the money from their bank branches anywhere in the country. Or the admission process could have started after Eid. I am from Rangpur, but I don’t know if I can return properly with my daughter during Eid.

The university administration was called several times to talk about this but could not be contacted.