Suddenly heated classroom!

Before and after the independence of Bangladesh, all the movements started from the school. If we take into consideration education, political achievements and history, Dhaka University Bangladesh will be at the top of the world ranking. Needless to say, the main leadership of the anti-dictatorship Ershad movement was in the hands of the students.

Ershad ruled the entire country, but neither Ershad nor Chala-Chamundra could enter Dhaka University campus. The first resistance against the caretaker government supported by the army of the mighty 1/11 was formed from this Dhaka University. Currently the ruling Awami League is a master of field movements. As they know how to move; They also know very well what tactics to suppress the movement. The main strategy of Awami League to stay in power for four consecutive terms is also there.

In order to stay in power, Awami League has chosen the strategy of keeping the education sector under their control. There have been various issue-based movements at different times, but the sole authority of Awami League has never been loosened in all educational institutions across the country. Everyone knows what the result will be if student council elections are held. Therefore, the government did not walk the path again with the Daksu election. Whatever the result of the election, all the educational institutions of the country are now under the control of BCL. Not only student politics, but also teacher politics is now under the control of the government party.

All in all, like all other sectors of the country, the government party had absolute control over the educational institutions. Suddenly that educational institution has become hot. Teachers are agitating for inclusion in the universal pension scheme and students are agitating for the return of the quota system.

In the meantime, opposition parties including BNP have supported the movement of teachers and students. When there is always a fire there is no shortage of people to burn the potatoes. BNP does not have the ability to build its own movement. Sometimes relying on America, sometimes teachers, sometimes relying on students, they want to succeed.

Although on different issues, the movement of teachers and students is running almost parallel. As a result, there has been a deadlock in the public universities of the country. Class examination is closed. The demands of the movement are fair or unfair; What is more important is how much pressure was created in the movement. The more deadlocks you can create, the sooner your movement will succeed. Bangladesh also has precedents for unfair demands through agitation.

The universal pension scheme was launched on August 17 last year. The scheme launched to bring all people under pension benefits has not met with the expected response in the last one year or so. In my opinion, among all the projects that the government has taken so far, the most popular project is the universal pension scheme. It is beneficial for both the government and the consumer. Because even if the government gets the money now, it doesn’t have to repay it at this point. After a maximum of 42 years, the government will have to repay the money. Those who deposit money now will get a good amount of pension at the end of the term.

During this period, the government can benefit by investing the pension scheme money. However, to make this project sustainable, it is important to involve as many people as possible. But this project, which is beneficial for both parties, is not able to arouse the desired response among the people and the government is in trouble. Now the government is taking various initiatives to increase the scope of this scheme.

We want government officials to talk to the protestors; Let them listen with compassion to the place of their anger. Then arrange. And the verdict of the Supreme Court cannot be changed by the street movement, it should not go. Anti-quota students should go to court with bigger lawyers and express their grievances.

In the beginning, the journey started with the four packages of progress, protection, immigration, equality, but another package called ‘Pratya’ has been started since July 1. It is heard that another package called ‘Sevak’ will be launched for government employees from July 1 next year.

The newly introduced certificate package will cover the employees of self-governing, autonomous and state-owned institutions. The number of such institutions is more than four hundred. However, public university teachers do not want to be included in this package. They have embarked on a movement to liberate themselves like a selfish person. Teachers are the most conscious part of the society. If the pension scheme or assurance package is bad, then it is bad for everyone. Why teachers are agitating only for themselves. Excluding teachers will not solve all the problems of the pension scheme.

That’s right, some problems remain with the hastily launched pension scheme. The issues should be resolved to make the public pension scheme truly universal. And this is possible only through dialogue. Those who are agitating for the pension scheme, are almost all supporters of the government.

And if the supporters of the government join the movement against the government, then it must be understood that there is a big lump somewhere. No matter how selfish the teachers’ movement, they must be heard. A person’s advantage increases with time. But the benefits of teachers will be reduced if they go to Pratyya scheme. They don’t seem to accept it easily. It doesn’t matter if you are a supporter or an opponent of the government.

Anti-quota movement of students like teachers is a selfish movement. Without thinking about the underprivileged sections of the society, the students have taken up the movement to secure their own jobs. In 2018, the government abolished the quota system in the face of protests. But the High Court again upheld the quota in government jobs. The Appellate Division also upheld the judgment of the High Court.

The Appellate Division has also questioned that the court’s verdict cannot be changed by protesting. In fact, the main consideration should be whether the claim is reasonable or unreasonable. How many people are protesting, how many people are affected, how many people are suffering; It cannot be a tool of claim. Because disabled people, tribals, women, underprivileged people cannot protest, they will be deprived again and again, they will remain deprived.

How the government will deal with the movement of teachers and students, that is their consideration. But do not try to suppress the movement by force. Everyone has the right to have a systematic movement, whether the demand is reasonable or unreasonable. However, it is not desirable for anyone to continue the agitation day after day by stopping the university classes and examinations, holding the students’ educational life hostage, blocking the roads and causing people’s suffering.

We want government officials to talk to the protestors; Let them listen with compassion to the place of their anger. Then arrange. And the verdict of the Supreme Court cannot be changed by the street movement, it should not go. The anti-quota students should go to the court with bigger lawyers and express their grievances.

The government should remember that the movement of the opposition party and the movement of teachers and students are not the same. So two movements cannot be suppressed in one style. The government’s overconfidence in brutally suppressing the movement could prove fatal. There is no need to waste time on this.

Education is the main task in the classroom, not politics-movement. We have to make sure that environment returns quickly.

Author: Barta Pradhan, ATN News.