Suffering from rain throughout the day, low-lying areas flooded

The lower areas of Jessore city have been submerged due to the highest rainfall of the season. This situation was caused by continuous rain from morning to afternoon on Saturday (July 6). 120 mm rainfall was recorded in Jessore on this day.

Meteorological office sources said that there was no rainfall in Jessore till midday. It started raining for a week. Sometimes light, sometimes moderate rainfall was seen during this time. It started drizzling in the morning. After that, it rained intermittently from 10:30 am to afternoon. On this day, from 6 am to 3 pm, the district received the maximum rainfall of 120 mm this season. The rain is expected to continue for the next few days.

It has been seen around the city that the entire lower area of ​​Jessore city has been submerged in this heavy rain on Saturday. Flooding has occurred in various areas. Due to heavy rains, Bejpara, TB Clinic Para, Stadiumpara, Shankarpur, Missionpara, Upshahar, Chanchra, Karbala, MM College area, Nazirshankarpur, Bakchar, Abarpur and lower areas of the city have been submerged in water. Many houses in Shankarpur, Bejpara, Khadki, Karbala, Stadiumpara have entered water. Overflowing water overflowing the drains of these areas has crossed the road and entered the house. Ponds and fish enclosures in different areas were washed away.

Jessore, suffering from rain throughout the day, low-lying areas inundated

Besides, water has accumulated in at least 30 roads of the city. In Kharki area, Shah Abdul Karim Road, Stadiumpara, city PTI, Nazir Shankarpur, railway line from Kharki Rupkatha intersection, Pipe Patti from Fire Service intersection, Bejpara Chirunikal, Missionpara, Abarpur Cantonment, Airport, Sixth Floor Para have been flooded. In addition, waterlogging has also occurred in small roads of the city. The dirty water of the drains on both sides of these roads overflowed on the road. The water crossed the road and entered houses and businesses. The students returning from school faced the most difficulties in this afternoon rain. Water has entered many people’s residences in wards 5, 6 and 7 of the municipality. The people of that ward suffered due to flooding.

Aminur Rahman, a local businessman, said that the road has accumulated knee-deep water due to several hours of rain. There is a drain on the side of the road but it is full of garbage and the water overflows and enters the road. That water from the road has entered the shop again.

Jessore, suffering from rain throughout the day, low-lying areas inundated

Golam Majed, a resident of Shankarpur area of ​​Ward No. 7, said, ‘Water has risen in the house. Knee water inside the house. I am in a helpless situation with my family. Earlier the water of the city went to Mukteshwari river through deer bill through sewage canal. But in the year 2010, after the establishment of medical college in Harina Bill, more facilities have been built around. Water cannot be extracted through the bill as before. The result is waterlogging.

From the south gate of Government Michael Madhusudan (MM) College on Shah Abdul Karim Road in Khadki of the city, water has accumulated up to knee level, passing through Khadki junction to Pirbari and the cemetery. Khadki Dakshinpara-Paschimpara Hazampara, residents of Khadki railway line neighborhood are knee-deep in water. Passengers of rickshaws, motorcycles, microbuses plying on this road have to suffer. Again, because rickshaws and easybikes are not willing to go through this water, many people are seen walking with their shoes in their hands.

Jessore, suffering from rain throughout the day, low-lying areas inundated

Tanmoy Das of the TB clinic area of ​​the city said that the drains overflowed with dirty water and flooded the streets. Water has entered many houses. He complained that the drains were not cleaned and the rain water was not being drained. Because of this the situation has arisen in the entire Bejpara TB clinic area as the water cannot go down.

Engineer Kazi Abu Saeed, a resident of Kharki area of ​​the city, expressed his anger and said that the drainage system of Jessore municipality has completely collapsed. The drains are unplanned. And the drains have also been turned into dustbins by the citizens. They are not cleaned regularly. As a result, this terrible situation has arisen.

In this regard, the executive engineer of the municipality, SM Sharif Hasan, said, ‘Due to the ignorance of the city residents, the water flow of the canal has stopped and the waterlogging has occurred. MGSP project proposals have been sent for rehabilitation and construction of roads, drains. He also said, ‘I have planned to establish a canal to connect Mukteswari.’

Milan Rahman/RH/JIM