Suggestion of action to remove defects of defective aircraft

The standing committee on the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism has suggested taking necessary measures to remove the defects by identifying the aircrafts which have defects. The fourth meeting of the committee was held at Jatiya Sangsad Bhavan on Thursday (July 4) under the chairmanship of President Sazzadul Hasan.

Committee members and Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Muhammad Farooq Khan, Anwar Hossain Khan, Ashek Ullah Rafiq, Sheikh Tanmoy, Mahmud Hasan and Md. Khosru Chowdhury participated.

In the meeting, a detailed discussion was held about the overall activities of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited.

According to the organogram of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited, a detailed discussion was held about manpower structure, approved manpower, vacancy details and recruitment process, deputed manpower and outsourcing manpower recruitment rules and regulations.

A detailed discussion was held on various services provided by Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited, stoppage of ticket price manipulation process, recent situation of flight schedule and improvement activities.

The committee is asked to provide a detailed report on the land or land assets of Biman that are lying unused.

Secretary of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Managing Director and CEO of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, relevant officials of the Ministry and National Parliament Secretariat were present in the meeting.