‘Sustainable agricultural management is needed to prevent soil erosion’

“Predominantly hybrid varieties are being used in agriculture in excess of chemicals. Which is destroying the quality of the soil as well as destroying the environment. If we continue like this, we will eventually fall apart. That’s why we have to focus on sustainable agricultural management.

On Wednesday (June 5) in the discussion meeting organized on the occasion of World Environment Day, Chittagong University’s Department of Plant Science President Professor Dr. Sheikh Bakhtiar Uddin said these things. He presented the main article in the meeting.

Environment Directorate Chittagong region organized discussion meeting and environment fair at District Art Academy. The theme of this year’s environment day was ‘reclaim land, prevent desertification, achieve drought tolerance’.

Professor Dr. Sheikh Bakhtiar Uddin said, we are now preferring hybrid varieties in cultivation. And while cultivating them we are using excessive chemicals. As a result, the quality of the soil is deteriorating. The environment is being destroyed. I got very good crops for five years. Then when the soils are lost, it will take us another 10 years to recover the soil. Then our agricultural practice is not right. If agriculture is not sustainable then it will be seen that sometime we will fall on our face. From which it will be very difficult for us to come out.

He said, according to the data, 29 percent of the country’s land will be affected by drought by 2024. If we do not take urgent steps in this regard, this world will gradually become uninhabitable for us. North, north-western region of our country is affected by drought. Because the nutrient content, quality and productivity of the soil in this area is decreasing day by day. Madhupur, Bari Truck and Lalmai Truck are among the areas of Bangladesh that may fall into desertification or are in danger of becoming desert. These areas are drought prone areas. Desertification can be caused by massive deforestation, unplanned and uncontrolled chemical use in industrialization and crop production, resulting in climate change.

Professor Dr. Sheikh Bakhtiar Uddin said, our activities are slowly taking the country towards the desert. The only major reason among them is plastic pollution. This is due to single time use of plastic. If its use is not reduced by 90 percent, our productive land will be lost. At some point our crops will not produce. The amount of water will decrease. The whole country will turn into a desert.

Chittagong Divisional Commissioner Md. was the chief guest at the meeting. Tofail Islam, Chittagong Range DIG Noore Alam Meena, City Police Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) Masood Ahmed, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Md. were special guests. Abdul Malek. Nasim Farhana Shirin, director of Chittagong laboratory of Department of Environment gave a welcome speech. Under the chairmanship of Hillol Biswas, Director of Environment Directorate, Chittagong City, District Deputy Director Ferdous Anwar and officials of various government and private departments were also present.