Tanveer’s song in Afzal’s poem

Apart from acting and producing, Siddhahast is also good at painting. Afzal Hossain is an actor who is also good at writing. This time a song was made from his poem. Title ‘When and How’. The poem of the song is taken from Afzal Hossain’s poetry book ‘Amra Dhulokadar Amra Adarshalipir’. It is sung by Tanveer Tarek, composed and composed by him.

About this new song, Tanveer Tarek said, ‘A lot of work has been done separately with Afzal Bhai at different times. I also acted in his first movie. From there I suddenly proposed to convert one of his poems into a song. He agreed. The poem was added and subtracted to convert it into a song. I sent Afzal Hussain to listen with a demo voice playing guitar-piano. He was then in the United States’.

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Tanveer's song in Afzal's poem

He heard the song there. Liked it very much. This is how the song was created. A romantic song. The lyrics are like- ‘You are not looking at me, you are listening to the noise’. There is a nice story in the song. The song will be a memory of me with a genius like Afzal Hossain.’

The other day Afzal Hossain said about the song, ‘I like Tanveer’s creative madness. This is also a part of him. Be something good. Keeping that desire, I can give the inspiration.’

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the song titled Kabe and Kesin will be released on the YouTube channel called Sounds of Tanveer. The song will be distributed worldwide by independent music app on various international platforms. Its music video is produced by Yamin Ilan.