That’s why the coach took Mbappe off before the tiebreaker

France advanced to the semi-finals after defeating Portugal in a tiebreaker in the quarter-finals of the Euro Championship. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo could not play the last Euro of his career. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappé, a small fan of Ronaldo, has formed a pair with Spain in the semi-finals.

Mbappe did not shoot out a penalty for France in this match. Before that, Mbappe was picked up by coach Didier Deschamps. But when the match is heading for penalties, Mbappe is not supposed to be picked up. Because France’s penalty is usually done by Mbappe.

Mbappe was taken off after the first half of extra time. Bradley Barkola was replaced by Naman Desham. A question has arisen in the minds of football fans as to why Mbappe was picked up.

Coach Desham answered that question after the match. He said Mbappe himself requested him to be picked up. Because he was tired.

Desham says yes, he is always very honest with me and the team. When he feels that he doesn’t have the ability to move forward in the match… He is not in his top form.. He really felt very tired.,

“I saw him struggle in the first half of extra time,” he added. It was pointless (leaving out Mbappe). Killian was always honest with me and the team. So it was natural to bring in some new players.

Mbappe didn’t take the tiebreaker shot, but his teammates filled his void. They succeeded in each of the 5 shoots. France won 5-3 against Portugal. Earlier, the two teams ended the 120-minute game with a 1-1 draw.